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How to Dress for a Successful Job Interview - WOMEN

by Trend Miles

Course overview

Congratulations, your job search got you an interview opportunity for that dream job! However, do you know what you must wear to the job interview?

First impressions matter! It is the most relied on intuition about a newly met person - in just 17 seconds! It’s a silent language that speaks larger than words about who you are. Therefore how you look the instance you meet with the recruiter is as important as your job interviewing skills. You have to make sure that you dressed appropriately for the job interview.

This course will empower your professional image and job interview skills that’s in line with:

  1. the company’s dress code,

  2. the unspoken rules of what to wear & not to wear to an interview,

  3. including both face-to-face and online meetings.

  4. enriched with 100+ outfit examples, empowering your confidence on how to combine your look.

  5. EXTRA: For future reference & inspiration: You can download & save all looks and outfits via 'visual library' pdf docs.

I am so happy that you’re here, letting me to be part of your career journey by supporting your interview look. My goal is boosting your self-confidence, ensuring you look your best and impress the rest!

ENROLL NOW and let’s start to dress you to impress!

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Zehra Elif Zevulun has studied Business and is an MBA allumni of University of Illinois Chicago . To specialize in fashion, she has enrolled at Fashion Institute of Technology (New York)... Read more