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Concept of the course

How to build a fully Gamified Moodle Course

by Benjamin Audsley

Course overview

This course has been specifically designed to show learners how to create a fully gamified course called Planet Learn, using existing Moodle content!

I'm going to begin the course by showing learners how to create their own Moodle instance on their own computer. This will be used throughout the course so that you can test and try all of the things I teach you.

I will explain what gamification is, the concept of the course and how to effectively plan and map Moodle courses.

The tools required section looks at installing all the Moodle Plugins you will require for the Planet Learn game, including the Stash Plugin, the Stash Availability Plugin, the Course Completion Plugin, the Quizventure Plugin and the Sharing Cart.

Next, I will show learners how to create a new course in Moodle, how to add animations and graphics and configure course topics to convert them to levels of the Planet Learn Game.

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