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Dyslexia Course Intro

Food Hygiene and Safety Course

by Study Hunt

Course overview

Food Safety | ** Winter Sale **

Are you involved in handling food in a professional environment? Do you know that you are required by the law to understand the food safety best practices to prevent food contamination and bacteria from spreading in the workplace? We prepared this Food Safety course to teach you the essential rules and legal responsibilities that every professional working in the catering or hospitality sector should know.

This Food Safety course is developed by relevant industry experts. You will get the essential knowledge about maintaining healthy safety practices in your workplace through this Food Safety course. It includes but is not limited to storing food correctly, keeping ingredients at the right temperature, and looking after your safety.

This Food Safety course is divided into 12 easy-to-understand modules. Each module deals with one broad topic. At first, you will learn the details of food safety and how food is contaminated in different ways. Later, you will learn how to ensure food safety and safety in various settings. Upon completing this Food Safety course, you will become confident in safely handling foods for your customers.

Key Features of Food Safety Course

  • Instant e-certificate
  • Food Safety Course Developed by qualified professionals
  • Lifetime Access
  • Tutor Support
  • Downloadable Modules as PDF Documents

Bundle of Food Safety Course

  1. Food Safety: Food Safety
  2. Food Safety: HACCP Course
  3. Food Safety: Dyslexia Course
  4. Food Safety: Awareness of Dementia

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