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Fix Your Sales Pitch - Sales Pitch Formulas

by Business Fixer

Course overview

Do people’s eyes glaze over when you say your sales pitch?

Are you boring potential customers into a coma?

Not getting a return from your business networking?

I’m a member of a business networking group. At the time of writing, in less than a year I have turned my £700 investment into over £15,000! But it wasn’t always easy. For years, I struggled to communicate what I do in a clear and simple way. I was tired of people not paying attention to my sales pitch – whether it was at a business networking event, when talking to potential clients in a sales meeting or even at a dinner party!

After years of business networking in other groups, testing out different sales pitch techniques and formulas, I have finally found a way that works. That’s why I created this online course, Fix Your Sales Pitch.

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