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Introduction to Fabrics

Fabrics for Fashion Design: Essential Learning for Designers

by Knowledge Gate

Course overview

Unleash your creativity through fabrics! Dive into the fascinating world of fashion design with our course "Fabrics for Fashion Design: Essential Learning for Designers." Discover the secrets behind different fabrics, explore their textures and colours, and learn how to choose the perfect materials for your designs. Join us on a journey where fabrics come to life, and let your imagination soar!

Uncover the magic of fabrics in fashion design! This course provides a comprehensive exploration of various fabrics, their characteristics, and their impact on design. Gain insights into fabric sourcing, selection, weaves, knits, finishes, and treatments. Understand how colours influence fashion and textiles. Discover the latest fabric trends and learn how to work with different materials in your designs. Expand your creative horizons and bring your fashion visions to reality with the knowledge gained from this course.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and describe different types of fabrics used in fashion design
  • Evaluate and select suitable fabrics for specific design purposes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fabric weaves, knits, finishes, and treatments
  • Utilise colour effectively in fashion and textile design
  • Stay updated on current fabric trends in the fashion industry
  • Employ various techniques for working with fabrics in your designs
  • Enhance your ability to create innovative and visually appealing fashion pieces
  • Showcase a comprehensive knowledge of fabrics in your portfolio

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