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What are Ethics?

Ethical Conduct in the Corporate Environment

by Knowledge Gate

Course overview

Ethical Conduct in the Corporate Environment

In the corporate jungle, the moral compass often sways. Dive deep into the essence of ethics, from understanding its core to navigating its dilemmas. Discover the 22 keys to an ethical office and so much more!

Embark on a journey to delve into the essence of ethical conduct within the corporate environment. The course commences by exploring the very foundation of ethics, leading you to gauge your moral temperature. Grasp Kohlberg’s six transformative stages and equip yourself with decision-making tools grounded in ethics. Navigate the challenges with company policies, colleagues, and supervisors, and importantly, learn the grace of rectifying errors. Conclude with revisiting your moral stance.

The path to an ethically sound workspace begins here. Don't miss out; enrol today!

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate ethical dilemmas with company policy, peers, and superiors.
  • Employ ethical decision-making tools effectively.
  • Craft and implement an office code of ethics.
  • Recognise and rectify ethical oversights.
  • Assess and recalibrate your moral temperature.

Well, you are ready to enrol in Ethical Conduct in the Corporate Environment. Welcome aboard!

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