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Nursery Teacher Intro

Dyslexia Essentials Course

by Study Hunt

Course overview

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Dyslexia Essentials Course

Dyslexia Essentials is a common learning difficulty that mainly causes reading, writing, and spelling problems. Now, imagine you deal with children with dyslexia Essentials as a teacher, childcare worker, or parent; but you don’t have any knowledge of dyslexia Essentials. It would be difficult for you to support that child in this regard. So, to ease your problem, we have developed this Dyslexia Essentials course.

This Dyslexia Essentials course is divided into twelve easy-to-understand modules, each dealing with one broad topic. Modules 1 and 2 of this Dyslexia Essentials course will teach you the basics. You will find other learning difficulties related to dyslexia Essentials in the third module.

From module 9 of this Dyslexia Essentials course, you will learn how dyslexia Essentials is treated. The following module will teach you how to deal with dyslexic learners in the classroom to maximise their learning. Finally, you will learn the legal rights of dyslexic people.

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