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Dietetics: Nutrition and Diet

Dietetics Level 3 Diploma - CPD Accredited

by Skill Arts

Course overview

Why Study This Dietetics Level 3 Diploma - CPD Accredited Diploma?

  • The UK government is investing heavily in dietetics, with a £10 million investment in dietetic services announced in 2022.
  • The number of dietetics jobs in the UK is expected to grow by 13% between 2020 and 2025.
  • Dietetics is a highly respected profession in the UK, with dietitians playing a vital role in the healthcare system.
  • The global market for dietetics services is expected to grow from $8.5 billion in 2021 to $13.7 billion by 2027.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the fundamentals of dietetics and its relevance in promoting overall health.
  • Analyse the nutritional content of diets, focusing on proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, within the field of dietetics.
  • Evaluate the significance and impact of micronutrients in dietetics, emphasising their role in maintaining health.
  • Describe the processes of energy metabolism and the key factors involved in dietetics.
  • Examine the role of the digestive system in dietetics and its importance in nutrient absorption and utilisation.

CPDQE Accreditation

This Dietetics Level 3 Diploma - CPD Accredited Course is CPDQE accredited. CPD is a globally recognised parameter for continuous professional development acknowledged by thousands of professional bodies, employers and academic institutions in the UK and around the world.

Dual Certificates

After completing this Dietetics Level 3 Diploma - CPD Accredited Course, you will receive a course completion certificate from Reed. Also, you will receive a CPDQE-accredited signed certificate from SkillArts.

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