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Course Introduction Video

Certified Objectives-Key-Results Professional (COKRP)

by KPI Mega Library

Course overview

This practical online course will provide participants with a good understanding of the Objective and Key Results (OKR) strategy management methodology. At the end of the online course, participants will be ready to develop and implement an effective OKRs within the organization.

OKR is a lightweight management tool for setting company objectives, aligning everyone towards the same key results while directing team initiatives and activities. Over the last two decades the OKR strategy management methodology has become one of the best tool for many of the world’s leading businesses like Google and Amazon.

The big difference that OKR has from traditional planning methods: 1) OKRs are frequently set, tracked, and re-evaluated. 2) OKR is a simple, fast-paced process that engages each team’s creativity. 3) OKR exists to create alignment and to set the rhythm for the organization.

Having an OKR process is becoming increasingly critical in today’s innovative and agile environment. For this reason, this course fills the gap by introducing most common OKR pitfalls that could help strategic planning and performance professionals to avoid them and do their job more effectively.

Best Used Tools & Techniques For a Winning OKR: (Included)

10 FREE BOOK, TEMPLATES, PHONE APP, & CLOUD SYSTEM are included with this master course:

  1. "Strategy Planning & Execution From A to Z" Book (Free soft copy)
  2. Kippy Cloud system (To host strategy, KPIs, projects, & appraisals) - 14 days
  3. "KPI Mega Library" Phone APP with 36,000 KPIs
  4. OKR templates with dashboards (Excel) x 2
  5. Projects template with dashboards (Excel)
  6. HR appraisal template with individual OKRs (Excel)
  7. Quarterly performance review template for review meeting (PPT)
  8. Strategy & OKR Terminologies for future use (PDF)
  9. Kaizen Initiative Template and process (Excel)
  10. OKR Common Pitfalls & FAQs (PDF)

“Your Complete Tool Set for Successful OKR Implementation”

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Dr. Rachad Baroudi is is a leading international strategy consultant in the USA, Canada, and the MENA region with 29 years experience KPI development, strategic planning, and performance... Read more