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Certificate in Dietetics Level 1

by Empower UK Employment Training

Course overview

Certificate in Dietetics Level 1

Discover the intricacies of Calories, Proteins, and Carbohydrates, master Meal Planning and Timing, and explore the fascinating realm of Food Digestion. You'll also gain insights into Nutrition Requirements for Adults and Diverse Groups, crafting a Balanced Diet, and addressing Diet and Nutrition Related Diseases for a healthier lifestyle.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze the concepts of Calories, Proteins, and Carbohydrates and their significance in dietetics.

  • Plan well-balanced meals and understand the importance of Meal Timing in dietetics.

  • Explain the process of Food Digestion and its role in nutrition.

  • Assess the specific Nutrition Requirements for adults and diverse population groups.

  • Identify the relationship between Diet and Nutrition and the occurrence of various diet-related diseases.

More Benefits:

  • LIFETIME access
  • Device Compatibility
  • No Exam, Instant Free Certificate on Dietetics
  • Free Workplace Management Toolkit

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