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Advanced Animations in PowerPoint: 12 inspiring walkthroughs

by Red F Creative

Course overview

Good animation can be a wonderful tool to enhance the clarity of your message!

This course contains 12 short walkthrough PowerPoint animation examples. Each one will provide you with understanding of a key animation feature that can be used to take your slide design to the next level.

All of the examples are included for download.

  • Create stunning animations directly in PowerPoint
  • Use the morph tool to create complex animations easily
  • Motion paths to make a custom chart animation
  • Output your PowerPoint animation to video to share on social platforms
  • Make your own custom transitions to bring your slides to life
  • Add multiple effects to one element to make bespoke animations
  • Make your animations more realistic using easing and duration
  • Loop animations and use hacks to take your animations to the next level
  • Combine animations with video to create engaging effects
  • Interact with your slides using the power of the slide zoom feature
  • Animate 3D models to give your slides impact
  • Image mask and animate without using other software
  • Animate your own 3D shapes between slides
  • Use the ink replay feature to animate the writing out of text

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