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Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 for Beginners: Professional Training

by CMC Creative

Course overview

Welcome to this course on Adobe Premiere Pro 2023!

My name is Cathal McCarthy and I am a certified Adobe Premiere Pro Professional.

My goal with this course is to help you go from being a Beginner to a confident Professional Video Editor using Adobe Premiere Pro 2023.

This course is designed to train and support you in making a beautiful and impactful 60 second video commercial using Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 with the following sections:

  1. Setting up Your First Project

  2. Editing Videos Together

  3. Adding a Soundtrack

  4. Framing Your Footage

  5. Visual Effects

  6. Color Correction & Color Grading

  7. Text & Titles

  8. Video Transitions

  9. Dialogue & Sound Effects

  10. Exporting & Showcasing on Web & Social Media

Video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 gives you the power to weave amazing pieces of video content together into a story - this is what you will learn to do in this course.

Also, I will make recommendations to you around what equipment to use, what software I use, where to find high quality royalty-free video and audio content and much more.

I know that it can be daunting learning a new skill so I have made the tutorials as easy to follow as possible, while aiming for the highest standards in best practices so that I am setting you up for success.

I look forward to working with you through this course to create a spectacular video together.

See you in the tutorials!

Best wishes,

Cathal McCarthy.

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Hi! My name is Cathal McCarthy and I'm an Adobe Certified Professional using Adobe Premiere Pro. My passion is Creativity & Marketing, and I love to help people to learn new skills. I am... Read more