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CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer: Virtual Trainer

Learn state of the art virtual classroom training skills



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Take this excellent opportunity to become a world-wide recognised expert technical trainer!

Current Dates

  1. 7th -> 8th October 2019 UTC+01:00 (BST)
  2. 14th -> 15th March 2019 Weekend UTC+00:00 (BST)

The ultimate 'Train the Trainer': CompTIA's Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) is the "go to" certification for anyone requiring to formalise their technical trainer credentials.

During this highly interactive live virtual course, we cover the entire envelope of professional training engagements - from the planning required prior to a successful event, through the skills required to deliver the actual training to the completion of the cycle by covering reporting, continuous improvement and feedback considerations.

We cover the CTT+ syllabus for the TK0-201 'Essentials' Exam and also create a 'performance video' for the candidate that meet's CompTIA's criteria for their TK0-203 'Virtual Classroom Trainer' certification process.

NB For the 'Classroom Trainer' (TK0-202) see our related Reed Course Listing (Search CompTIA CTT+).

TrainX have over twenty years experience delivering the CTT+ and an exemplary 100% pass rate.

Our entirely practical course covers all twelve of the instructional competencies, grouped into five domains, that required to plan and deliver successful technical training.

There are two variations (known as 'designations'), one for 'In-Person' classroom instruction and one for 'Virtual' classroom instruction. Please also review the associated CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer Classroom course described on a related set of pages.

As well as the providing the full course, we offer a free technical overview briefing for the CTT+.

Recognised by organisations including Microsoft, for their Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) programme and Adobe for their Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) programme, the CTT+ covers the entire envelope of technical training.

CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification is for instructors who want to verify they have attained a standard of excellence in the training field. CTT+ validates the knowledge and use of tools and techniques necessary for successfully teaching in today’s learning environments. (CompTIA Certifications Site 06/11/2018)

CTT+ is trusted by leading organisations
Corporations such as Dell, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, IBM and Ricoh accept CompTIA CTT+ as proof that an instructor is qualified to teach their programmes.

CTT+ lets you teach with confidence
CompTIA CTT+ validates that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare, present, facilitate and evaluate a training session. By requiring a video submission of the training session instruction as part of the certification, CTT+ ensures candidates have effective teaching skills.

CTT+ verifies essential teaching modalities
In a survey conducted by the Training Associates, 87% of respondents use instructor led training (ILT) as a primary learning modality. Moreover, 74% of organizations take a blended approach to learning, augmenting ILT delivery with either a mobile, video, or social component. Earning a CTT+ certification can validate your skills as a top trainer in a virtual or physical classroom.


Awarded by CompTIA


The CTT+ certification program provides a globally recognised measure of core skills, actions, and behaviors that competent instructors must demonstrate.

Our course is authorised by CompTIA and includes the following Lessons and Activities:

  • 1.0 Planning Prior to the Course
  • 2.0 Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery
  • 3.0 Instructor Credibility and Communications
  • 4.0 Group Facilitation
  • 5.0 Evaluate the Training Event
  • Record the learner's Performance Assessment Video
  • CompTIA Submission Paperwork

The certification validates an instructor’s proven excellence in preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation and evaluation in a classroom environment.

The CTT+ certificate is a cross-industry credential that provides recognition that an instructor has attained a standard of excellence in the training industry.

The examinations are based on a set of objectives designed to measure the core knowledge and skills that competent instructors must successfully demonstrate to complete an instructional assignment successfully both in a classroom and a virtual classroom environment.

This certification is targeted towards all training professionals and can be applied to all industries that provide technical and non-technical training and education.

To earn the CTT+ 'Virtual Classroom Trainer' designation, the candidate must pass both a computer-based test (CTT+ Essentials TK0-201) that assesses knowledge and the virtual classroom performance-based exam (TK0-203) in which the candidate demonstrates prescribed skills.

The examinations are available from CompTIA and in some cases TrainX can provide these at a discount.

Who is this course for?

Practically anyone who has to present information to colleagues and customers will benefit from the concepts and skills covered within the CTT+.

Additionally, trainers pursuing training certifications from Microsoft (MCT), Adobe (ACI) and many other provider instructional certifications are required to hold an instructional skills certification.

Typical roles that require the CTT+ skills include:

  • Technical Trainers
  • Management - presenting information and communicating are key skills
  • Business Analysts
  • Sales Engineers / Sales People
  • Product Demonstrators

The CTT+ Classroom Trainer Certification provides the instructional skills requirement for:

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
  • Certified Novell Instructor (CNI)
  • Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI)
  • Many other technical providers' instructor certifications


No training experience is necessary as we start from the 'ground up'. 'Business English' is a requirement.

You'll need good internet connectivity and a 'Skype' USB headset. We provide a connectivity test before confirming your booking.

Career path

Anyone who needs to successfully communicate in-depth concepts and skills. Pertinent roles include:

  • Technical Instructor
  • Sales Engineers
  • Product Demonstrators
  • Project Roles - including Project Managers
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer - MCT (A Microsoft Technical Certification such as the MCSA is also required)
  • Adobe Certified Instructor - ACI (In conjunction with Adobe Certified Expert, or ACE)

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