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90 Days
COB Certified E-Business Manager
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Get the A-Z of Online Business with this Powerful E-Business Management Course

Get access to the industry's leading online e-business course. Subscribe to the e-learning version of this globally recognised e-business certification program from The Certificate in Online Business (COB). Master E-Business and E-Commerce Strategy, Planning & Management, Content Strategy & Customer Experience and Gain an Introduction to Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • 90-days access to around 25-hours of high-impacting interactive online lessons and workshops (compatible with Tablets, Windows & Mac PCs)
  • Downloadable E-Learning Versions of the Six Official COB Certified E-Business Manager Course Books
  • Exam attendance is optional and can be purchased separately

Take a look at the benefits!

There are a number of practical benefits to following our non-technical e-business management program. Here are some of them:-

  • Create an e-business plan to attract and retain visitors on your web site
  • Gain a solid foundation of knowledge avoiding investment in several specialist courses
  • Identify, understand and manage risks relating to your online presence
  • Find out how to select appropriate tools and suppliers
  • Learn how to communicate your business requirements more effectively
  • Start an effective digital marketing plan in line with your budget and business needs
  • Understand the roles of different team members
  • Get practical cost-saving tips for online success
  • Complete powerful hands-on exercises
  • Study to become a COB Certified E-Business Manager

Note: Exam fees not included.

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What will you learn?

E-Business Strategy and Planning

Learn how to plan effectively for online business to save time, resources and money. This valuable strategy and planning training will help you to develop and plan your e-business strategy.

Your downloadable e-book 'E-Business Strategy & Management Workbook' and online lessons will give you the following essential learning:-

  • Understand the meaning and scope of e-business and what models fit your organisation
  • Discover different revenue models for online business
  • Learn how to develop your e-business strategic plan
  • Identify and manage e-business risk
  • Introduction to e-project management
  • Discover how to select and work with developers and agencies effectively
  • Gain an experts insight into cost-saving project management tools

E-Commerce Planning

Discover how a profitable store should be implemented or improved for your business!

Your downloadable book 'E-Commerce Planning and Implementing a Profitable Store' and online lessons, will deliver the following powerful learning:-

  • What is E-Commerce?
  • E-Commerce advantages and disadvantages
  • Why do customers buy online?
  • Online store considerations and choosing the right storefront solution
  • Developing requirements for stock, tax, shipping and accounting
  • Secure online payments - requirements pitfalls and benefits
  • Introduction to web merchandising and the art of online selling
  • Introduction to e-commerce law

Content Strategy and Customer Experience

Engage your customers to buy, subscribe and interact!

Your downloadable e-book 'Content Strategy & Customer Experience Workbook', and online lessons give you access to the following essential learning:-

  • Learn how to plan, prepare and publish engaging, marketable, valuable and accessible web site content, that will attract and retain users and customers.
  • Understand, target and engage your audiences effectively
  • Learn how to powerfully present your ideas, information and other content online to maximise sales
  • Learn optimal web writing and search engine optimisation techniques

Digital Marketing

Learn how to market your online store, products and services effectively to your target audience, in an engaging way.

Your downloadable e-books 'Email Marketing Best-Practice Guide' and 'Introduction to Digital Marketing & Advertising', and online lessons will give you the following essential learning:-

  • Learn how to develop your marketing plan
  • Find out what traditional marketing and digital marketing channels will work best for your organisation
  • The art of effective messaging
  • Introduction to digital advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Banner and video advertising
  • Viral and affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Introduction to social media marketing and online PR

What else?

Along with your course you'll have access to online quizzes, hands-on exercises, revision practice questions, and useful time and cost-saving templates.

How long will the course take?

The length of time it takes to complete the course, depends on each individual. The modules, exercises and books take around 25 hours to complete, with an expected total of 35 hours of study. Students normally refer to the lessons and workshops a number of time during the 90-day access whilst working on their own e-business or digital transformation project(s)

Who is this course for?

The COB Certified E-Business Manager Program is suitable for anyone involved in managing or planning an online space. Whether you are a Business Owner, Department Director, an IT or Intranet Manager, an E-marketing, Web or E-commerce Manager, this course will give you a solid foundation for planning and managing your online space effectively.

Well-known organisations get their staff COB Certified! Here are a sample:

House of Fraser, L'Oreal Procter & Gamble, Three (Hutchison 3G UK), Croatia Airlines, Historic Scotland, Schneider Electric Europe & China, South African Post Office, Saudi Stock Exchange, Ernst & Young, Royal Canin (A Mars company), Ministry of Education Oman, The Dune Group, AXA, Delta Airlines, AMG Group (Rossignol, Asolo, Litchfield), Loughborough University Staff, Huawei and more.

Career path

This course enables business and department leaders, analysts and project managers involved in implementing online business, digital transformation, developing e-business strategy or managing any aspect of e-business. It provides a solid foundation of digital business skills that bridge the gap between IT and the business. The course also helps those studying for MBA and M.Sc. programs.

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