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About Certified SAS Base Programming Training:

Software Backgrounder:

SAS which stands for Statistical Analysis System is a software developed by the SAS Institute a private company based out of Cary, North Carolina, USA. Its primary objective is to be able to process large chunks of data and analyse it ti aid in the process of intelligent decision making. SAS has has been widely accepted in the world and it accounts for almost 70% of the data processing market place.

SAS took birth in the hands of Anthony Barr and James Goodnight at the North Carolina State University in 1966. Back then National Institute of Health came forward to fund the project which they primarily wanted to use for analysing agricultural data. Later on NIH pulled out of the project and a decision was taken to try out SAS as a business venture and thus came into being SAS Institute.

Applications and Usage:

SAS can import data from a range of data sources inclusive of Excel and perform various statistical analysis on the data sets. SAS Software has two options for working with it. First one is the Front End which is meant for Research Students, Researchers and Statistical Analysts who work with the Graphical User Interface. The software also gives a Back end access to the software for programming of the software for various purpose and objectives by programmers with the help of the SAS Programming Language.

Software Architecture:

For processing data in SAS data should being either in Excel table format or SAS format. The Software consists of two primary functions, first is to archive the data in an SAS database, this step is called Data Step. The second primary objective of the SAS software is to be able to process the Data to generate various analytical reports on the Data and this process is called PROC step.

SAS is a very advanced level of software which consists of over 200 components and has over 300 procedural sets for analysing the data and generate reports.


Certified SAS Base Programmer Course Description

This is a comprehensive course on SAS Base Programming which has over 21 hours of lecture divided into two major sections consisting of 115 sub modules. The course has been divided into the following Sections and sub topics.

Section 1: Business Analytic Using SAS

In this section you will be given an introduction to the SAS Program and learn about SAS Dataset and SAS Formats. How to read Excel Worksheets and what are the Raw Data File Standards and Non Standards will be elaborated. Here you will also get to know about Length Statement and Compilation Execution and various types of Data Errors. You will learn various ways of Validation of Data sets and also learn about various types of Statements like Assignment Statement, If Then Statement and Diff Where and If Statement. You will learn how to work with databases with help of Keep Drop, Append, Concatenate and Merge Data Bases. You will learn how to generate Global Statements and give Title n Foot Note. You will also be given an over view of various SAS functions and various types of Arrays like Array DoLoop and Array Temp. You will be also trained on how to generate SAS Statements.

Section 2: SAS – Advanced SAS For Business Analytics

Here you will get an introduction to Advanced SAS and learn about Macro and how to develop Macros Applications. You will also learn about various Macrovariables and how to define and call Macro. In this chapter you will also be given a overview of Positional Parameters. You will learn how to create and update variables. You will also get trained on working with SQL inside SAS. You will also be given an overview of the NOEXEC along with practical examples. In this chapter you will also learn about various types of functions like Average Function, Minimum Function, Count Function and Executing Count Function. You will also get detailed insight on Clauses like Group by Clause, Executing Group by and Having Clause, Executing Order By Clause. What is SubQuery and how to Execute SubQuery will be demonstrated. You will also get detailed overview of SQL Joins and how to Create a Table in SQL and work with the SQL View. You will learn how to Insert Data into Table and also learn various Techniques for Programming Efficiency.

What are the requirements/pre-requisites?

SAS though is a very complex software with over 200 modules and over 300 processes we have made the course simple enough to understand and comprehensive enough to bring you up to date. So you just need basic computer working knowledge including idea of creating data sheets with help of Excel software and workings of the same. SAS can import data from Excel so having pre knowledge of Excel or other database creating software can be considered a plus point for learning this course.

Target Audience for this training

This course on SAS Base programming is targeted at professionals who want to work in the filed of IT and Mathematical Data Processing Industry. SAS is a software that is used globally for Data Archiving and Processing so if you are interested to learn and be a SAS professional this is the course that will get you started in that path.

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