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How to become an AWS Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud Practitioner
avg. starting salary

Interested in Cloud Computing? You should become an AWS Practitioner…  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one the world’s most widely-used Cloud platforms. It has over 150 services and offers more functionality than most other platforms. AWS Cloud Practitioners design and develop cloud-based solutions for companies, with a goal to generate as much benefit from AWS as possible. Depending on organisational need and the level of their certification, an AWS Cloud Practitioner’s duties may vary from one business to another. For some, it might mean bringing about operational efficiencies and cost reductions, while others will be tasked with implementing security protocols, integrating apps and services, or developing tools for data analysis. In general, AWS professionals will be involved with:
  • Reviewing and advising on AWS usage
  • Developing and configuring AWS for business needs
  • Defining and documenting best practices for AWS
  • Integrating additional AWS services as dictated by business need
  • Adding third party tools for improved functionality

You’ll need a range of technical and coding skills to become an AWS Cloud Practitioner, along with a strong knowledge of cloud computing and AWS. Typically, you’ll come from an IT or programming background, using your database, devOps, information security, and quality assurance skills to advance into an AWS role. AWS Cloud Practitioners will also need to be:
  • Tech minded with an understanding of Cloud computing
  • A good communicator with the ability to liaise with users and management
  • Analytically-minded and adaptable with good problem-solving skills
  • Ability to prioritise and meet deadlines
  • An excellent leader if applying for senior roles


Junior Cloud Engineer/Architect

Up to £28,000

Cloud Engineer

Up to £56,000

Solutions Architect

Up to £65,000

"Being an AWS Cloud Practitioner is a hugely varied occupation, depending on your background, experience and level of expertise. No two days are the same, one day might you might be meeting with end-users, and another might be spent problem solving or reviewing environments. Deadlines can be tough, so it’s important to prioritise your workload and your time."

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