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How to become an Animator

avg. starting salary

Looking for a career that’s always moving? You should become an Animator… Animators create collections of images in order to make them into moving, animated sequences. Their work is used for a variety of platforms and purposes – from adverts, films, TV, and computer games, to music videos and websites. An Animator’s role could involve using a variety of creative techniques to reach the end product, including drawing by hand or using digital software to create computer-generated animations, along with models or puppets. General duties for an Animator could include:
  • Gathering concepts from clients or a director
  • Creating storyboards to represent the narrative
  • Producing aesthetically pleasing sketches and illustrations
  • Animating images with the appropriate timing, pace, and movement in mind
  • Using technical software (e.g. Maya, Flash, After Effects) to assist with animation
  • Working with other members of the team to compose layers (e.g backgrounds, FX)
  • Presenting designs and communicating ideas

If you want to become an Animator, you’ll need to be creatively minded, artistic, and good at drawing. As animating will be your day-to-day, you’ll also need to have an interest in animation and its aesthetics, whether it’s collecting every single Pixar film or spending your Saturdays watching back-to-back episodes of Pokemon. But remember, although knowing every single line to Finding Nemo off by heart is a good place to start, becoming a great Animator also relies on your technical ability and communication skills. Other key skills and attributes for an Animator include:
  • An excellent eye for detail
  • Good team working ability
  • An aptitude for good storytelling
  • Flexibility
  • Patience and commitment
  • An ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines


Junior Animator

Up to £12,000


Up to £18,000

Senior Animator

Up to £30,000

"Working as an Animator is great for me, and I genuinely couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love bringing different characters to life, and it allows me to use my creativity in a unique way. Whether I’m putting together a storyboard, sketching the sequence frame-by-frame, or animating them digitally – each task involves a lot of patience, imagination, and technical ability. And although long hours are common when deadlines are near, it’s all worthwhile when I get to go home and show my finished work to my kids – they’re my biggest fans."

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