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How to become a Voice Actor

Voice Actor
avg. starting salary

Looking for a job that's pitch perfect? You should be a Voice Actor… Voice Actors, or Voiceover Artists, lend their vocal talents to characters in feature films, on the radio, in videogames, audiobooks, animation, and a whole host of other mediums. So whether it’s the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the voiceovers for the adverts you hear on TV, the messages you hear on public transport or the voice of your favourite cartoon character, good Voice Actors can be heard almost everywhere. Typical duties for a Voice Actor include:
  • Performing vocal warmups
  • Recording commercial or character voiceovers
  • ‘Lip-dubbing’, where voices are added in production to sync with animation
  • Attending auditions and sending out demo tapes to gain parts
  • Adding new languages, accents and characters to increase your repertoire

To become a Voice Actor, confidence in your ability is absolutely essential. It can be a competitive industry to break into, and a wavering or shaky performance could be the difference when it comes to getting a great part. You’ll also need a genuine passion for acting. Even though you aren’t seen on camera, you’re still playing a part like any other, and being able to get your character across and make your performance believable is just as important as if you were acting on stage. Other necessary attributes for a Voice Actor include:
  • Enunciation
  • Excellent pronunciation
  • Authenticity
  • Originality
  • Patience

"I started acting when I was seven years old, and spent most of my early years in the industry bouncing round from theatre to theatre. One of my friends approached me with a part in an animated short he was working on, and it just grew from there. My voice has now been heard in everything from video games to public service announcements, and that’s one of the things I love the most. There’s just so much variety in voice-overs, you can never get bored. I also get to record a lot of what I do from home, which is great."

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