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How to become a Quality Control Technician

Quality Control Technician
avg. starting salary

Looking for a better quality position? Look no further…   Quality Control Technicians design and review quality assurance polices, in order to effectively manufacture a range of products – from medical equipment to food items. By maintaining the efficiency of the manufacturing techniques and materials used, Quality Control Technicians ensure items are created to a high standard – in a safe and cost-effective manner. So whether they’re analysing and solving faults or collecting and interpreting data – a Quality Control Technician’s role is all about making sure processes and products adhere to a company’s quality specifications. Typical tasks and duties for a Quality Control Technician could include:
  • Establishing product specifications
  • Collecting and recording data
  • Analysing trends and applying findings
  • Carrying out audits
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Dealing with customer complaints

You’ll need to have an accurate and meticulous work ethic to be a Quality Control Technician. And because the role is based around efficiency, an excellent attention to detail is equally essential. This means using your technical mind to identify faults and improve manufacturing processes. Basically, you have to be a perfectionist. Just make sure you don’t say it’s your biggest weakness at an interview… Other key skills for a Quality Control Technician include:
  • Awareness of quality control standards
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A scientific mind
  • An ability to interpret data
  • Great organisational skills
  • Industry-specific technical knowledge


Trainee Quality Control Technician

Up to £12,000

Quality Control Technician

Up to £24,000

Senior Quality Control Technician

Up to £30,000

"I’ve been a Quality Control Technician for almost three years now, and it’s definitely the right job for me. Whether I’m using my observation skills and attention to detail to monitor the production process, or taking advantage of my interpersonal abilities by working in a team and dealing with customers – I feel like I’m learning something new every day. And although it can be stressful when the production line is busy or machines break down, problems just help me to think of new ways to improve the manufacturing process. And, it’s the one place I can get away with being a total control freak. I mean, it basically comes with the job title…"

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