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How to become a Pilot

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Has the buzz of flying always been the most exciting part of your holidays? Did you go to the airport as a kid just to watch the planes take off? Then you could have the passion required to become a Pilot. There are lots of different types of Pilot, but we'll focus on those who work for airlines here. Your role will involve taking the helm of various sizes of aeroplane and getting their passengers or cargo safely to their destinations. Your main duties for this role would include:
  • Carrying out equipment checks prior to each flight to ensure optimum safety levels
  • Checking routes with air traffic controllers and altering them if necessary (e.g. if there is bad weather)
  • Controlling planes in mid-air and responding to in-flight information
  • Following instructions from ground staff to ensure a safe landing
  • Writing up detailed reports and logs relating to each flight for future reference

First of all, if you get homesick and don't really like travelling, then think again before starting your Pilot's training. You'll need to be prepared to spend lots of time away from home in this job, plus you'll be working very irregular hours due to varying flight lengths. A good Pilot will be:
  • Responsible
  • Calm and able to make decisions in a crisis
  • Great at working in a team
  • Able to concentrate for long periods
  • Good at following and giving instructions
  • Competent with technology

"People eager to become a Pilot need to remember that it can be tough - it's not like it looks in the movies. The hours are long, I don't see much of my own bed and there's a lot of pressure. On the other hand, if you love flying and planes in general, there couldn't be a better career. I also benefit from excellent perks like free travel, being put up in top hotels and a great salary. Not only that, but I enjoy some pretty amazing views from my office window!"

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