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How to become a Holiday Rep

Holiday Rep
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Wish you were there? You should become a Holiday Rep… Holiday Reps help people get the most out of their trips away. They work everywhere from summer hotspots, through to ski resorts and chalets, acting as the public face of the resort or tour operator – not to mention the first point of contact. So whether it’s sun, sea, sand or snow, ensuring everyone they meet has a great holiday is all in a day’s (and/or week’s) work for a Holiday Rep. Typical duties for a Holiday Rep could include:
  • Greeting guests at the airport, and taking them to their destination
  • Hosting welcome meetings to inform new guests about the local area
  • Booking tickets to local attractions, and organising transfers or excursions
  • Arranging vehicle or equipment hire
  • Dealing with any illnesses or injuries to their guests
  • Handling complaints

Becoming a Holiday Rep is about much more than knowing where the best local bars are. You’ll need to be extremely confident, upbeat and outgoing, and able to give off a great first impression to all of your guests – no matter who they are. Excellent organisational skills are similarly essential for any aspiring Holiday Rep. If you’re always the one that struggles to make it to the airport on time, this may not be the role for you. Additionally, fluency in other languages is not essential, but may be a distinct advantage. Other key skills for a Holiday Rep include:
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure

"Ever since my first big trip to Tenerife, I knew I had to be a holiday rep. I mean getting paid to go on bar crawls, and sit on the beach. What’s not to like? Well in reality, it’s actually a little different. There are beaches, and I do get to experience the local nightlife, but I also have to work long hours and deal with difficult situations. You quickly realise you can’t go wild every night when you work six days a week, and have to be up at 5am to do the airport run. But I do get free accommodation, and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Well, Marbella. But I honestly couldn't go back to doing anything else."

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