British Sign Language Level 1 & 2

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If you want to master the sign language, the course bundle in British Sign Language Level 1 & Level 2 is a great fit for you. You will gain a solid understanding of the basics of sign language and how you can use it everyday conversations. Whether you are a part of the deaf community, or you want to get involved and support deaf children and adults, you will find this course bundle comprehensive.

There are many elements of sign language covered through this course. You will learn the practical and grammar aspects on how to express yourself in terms of describing people, colours, animals, time, travel and food. If you aspire to teach deaf children, this course will give you instructional guidance on how to get started. If you have hearing issues, once again the Level 1 & 2 British Sign Language course bundle will offer insight on how to communicate effectively and be receptive to the sign language.

The course bundle is suited for complete beginners as a means of communication using facial expressions gestures and body language. The British sign language is primarily used in and around Britain, as sign language in other countries is different.

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What will I learn?

  • Learn the basic introductions of sign language
  • Learn to become receptive to sign language
  • Learn British sign language around different topics
  • Learn to use sign language in your everyday conversations
  • Learn to describe people, animals, colours and time
  • Learn how to describe ideas, opinions and beliefs using British Sign Language

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to British Sign Language

2. Alphabet, Fingerspelling and Names

3. Greetings

4. Family, Question Forms and Family Story

5. Rooms in the House

6. Colors

7. Questions and Statements About the Home

8. Animals

9. Numbers and Money

10. Time and Months of the Year

11. Describing Ages

12. Weather

13. Transport

14. Directions

15. Hobbies

16. Work

17. Food and Drink


Bonus Stories


1. Family Vocabulary

2. Describing People and Animals

3. Activities at School

4. Jobs and Activities at Work

5. Time

6. Activities in the Home

7. Leisure Activities

8. Opinions Likes and Dislikes

9. Illnesses and Health

10. Eating and Drinking

11. Shopping and Spending

12. Travel and Holidays

Access Duration

The course is delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and for 365 days (12 months). As this is an online course, you have no set timetable and can study at your own pace. Move through the modules as fast or slow as you wish, and return to previous sections at any point.

Method of Assessment

At the completion of the course, students will be required to complete an assignment each for Level 1 & 2, which will need to be uploaded to the online learning portal. Once it has been submitted, the tutor will assess and mark it.

You need to pay £29 for each assessment and certification fee when you submit the assignment.

Once you have successfully passed this assessment you are entitled to an printed certificate.


Successful learners will be awarded Certificate in British Sign Language – Level 1 and Certificate in British Sign Language – Level 2 separately.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals aspiring to work with people with mutism or hearing loss
  • Professionals working with deaf or mute children or adults
  • Parents that have deaf or mute children
  • Anyone interested in learning the sign language


Learners must be over the age of 16 and have a basic understanding of the English Language and computer literacy

Career path

  • Special Education Teacher (Middle School) – £31,900 per annum
  • Interpreter – £23,358 per annum
  • Speech-Language Pathologist – £35,000 per annum
  • Audiologist
  • Emergency Medical Technician

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