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Unreal Engine 4 is a suite of integrated tools for game developers to design and build games, simulations, and visualizations. Through this training we shall introduce you to the exciting gaming world and introducing you this powerful game engine Unreal. There are lots of code samples available but offer little or no explanation on how they should be used. This training aims to provide the necessary training to teach you how to create those awesome games. The difficulty level is Beginner – Intermediate and it will be one of the most exhaustive course on Unreal Engine ever. Numerous topics will be covered in isolation and the student need not watch it in any particular sequence. This can be regarded as more of a How-To course. In this program, however, we will delve in deep and give practical solutions in bite-sized videos that can be extremely useful for the student. Please note that this is more of a video based documentation-styled course than a systematically arranged course dictated by a sequence.

Target Customers:

Students interested in game development

Game development Professionals


Basic knowledge of game development



How-to in Unreal Engine 4.0

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #1) - An Introduction

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #2) - Introduction to Level Design

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #3) - Introduction to Materials

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #4) - Introduction to Cascade

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #5) - Introduction to Sequencer

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #6) - Introduction to Audio

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #7) - Introduction to Physics Assets

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #8) - Introduction to Skeletal Meshes

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #9) - Landscapes and Foliage

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #10) - Introduction to Blueprints

Unreal Engine 4.0 (Module #11) - Blueprints Advanced

Creating a Pinball Game using Blueprints in Unreal Engine

Creating a 3D Top-Down Survival Game using Unreal Engine 4.0

Creating a FPS Prototype Using Built-in Assets in Unreal Engine 4.0

Creating a First Person Shooter in Unreal Engine

Creating Pacman Game (3D) using Free Assets

Skills you will master

  • Unreal Engine
  • Level Design
  • Materials inUnreal Engine
  • Cascade
  • Sequencer
  • Audio
  • Physics Assets
  • Skeletal Meshes
  • Landscapes
  • Foliage
  • Blueprints
  • FPS Prototype
  • Survival Game
  • Pinball Game
  • Pacman Game
  • UMG
  • SizingIn UMG
  • Simple HUD
  • Uniform Grid Panel in UMG
  • Creating Boxes
  • Spinner
  • Circular Throbber
  • Simple Throbber
  • Arrays in Unreal Engine 4
  • Night Time Scene Lighting
  • Destructible Mesh
  • Create A Simple Flashlight for Your Gun
  • Simple Rainfall
  • Wire frame Material
  • Holographic Material
  • Screen Effects
  • Camera Lock
  • Celshaded Material
  • Disintegration Material
  • Simulate Graffiti
  • Automate Electric Poles
  • Magic Circles Effect
  • Snowfall Effect
  • Dynamic Materials
  • Flashing Materials
  • Gem Material
  • Blood Splatter
  • Zip Lines
  • Bullet Time Mechanic
  • Recall Mechanic
  • Wall Climb Mechanic

Who is this course for?

Jobs you will be eligible for

  • Data Analyst
  • Unreal Engine Game Developer
  • Unreal Engine Programmer
  • AR / VR Developer
  • Game Developer
  • 3D Modeling Artist
  • Game Programmer
  • Simulation Developer 3D
  • Architectural Visualiser
  • Extended Reality (XR) Graphics Rendering Software Specialist
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Technical Artist
  • VR Graphics Software Engineer
  • Multiplayer Games Developer
  • VR UI/Ux Artist
  • Unreal Programmer

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FabianHC asked:

What is the difference between this course and the AN UNREAL ENGINE GAME DEVELOPER ONLINE COURSE BUNDLE?


Hello, In general, both courses are the same. Thanks

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

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