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Digital Skills Authority awarding body

Digital Skills Authority awarding body

What we're all about

Digital Skills Authority develops, licenses and issues high-impacting training certification programs that enable organisations to be successful with using digital. We have two series of certifications programs 'The Certificate in Online Business Series' from team to board level certifications in E-Commerce, Digital Business and Marketing, and our Master in Digital Management Program. Digital Skills Authority's Professional Diploma Series focus on more technical and future skills qualifications in areas such as Internet-of-Things, Virtual Worlds, Coding and Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and more. Universities, Institutes and government organisations such as British Institute (Authorised Testing Centres), invigilate our exams around the globe. We also provide powerful practical e-learning certification courses, and provide premium on-site consultative certification courses, conferences and bespoke training, from our own team of 'Digital Leaders'.


Digital Skills Authority's mission is to help grow the digital economy, boost individual careers, support entrepreneurship and enable business growth through digital know-how.  As part of this mission we also empower organisations to identify and manage risks, identify and leverage business and technological opportunities, maximise efficiency, reduce costs and develop their bespoke practical and ethical policies.