Applied Chemical Engineering (1 WEEK)

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This seminar presents the scientific principles and applications in the heavy chemical industry such as refineries, plastics production, and petrochemicals by examining all procedures involved. Sub operations are described and analyzed with means of both underlying science and applied methodologies. Devices, materials and procedures are covered in depth and the use of process simulation tools aids the attendants in fully comprehending principles and applications. This course covers 20 CPD hours.


  • Fluid flows [single and multicomponent]
  • Thermodynamic properties of flowing systems
  • Single, two and three phases diagrams
  • Pressure drops, valves and pumps
  • Ideal and real fluids
  • Fluctuations from predicted behaviors [steady states] and measuring equipment
  • Mass and heat [energy] transfer
  • Modes of energy transfer [radiation, conduction, convection] and their characteristics
  • Heat exchangers: design, retrofit, types, attributes, advances and new technologies
  • Simulation on HE design
  • Heat generation [boilers, radiators, furnaces]
  • Efficiency calculations; Energy and Exergy
  • Distillation [design, control, operational characteristics]
  • Purification
  • Separation
  • Simulations on Separation [HyperChem]
  • Adsorption and Absorption
  • Screening Procedures via Computational Chemistry approaches
  • Reactors [types, operational modes, case studies, controls, HE]
  • Reaction kinetics and Reaction routes
  • Reaction rate equation and optimization
  • Reaction rate diagrams and conditions prediction
  • Hydrocarbon mixtures
  • Industrial solvents and novel advances [Ionic Liquids]
  • Compound identification [Spectrometry and Sampling]
  • Process Simulator Introduction and case studies [Determined among a number of choices, with 2 case studies]
  • Physical and Chemical processes Simulator Introduction and case studies [HyperChem, HyperCube Inc. or other for both versions]

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