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Advance your Natural Dog Whispering skills and form a stronger connection with your companion. You will expand your pet nutrition knowledge, so you can identify which ingredients get left out of processed pet foods and why these can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies which can lead to poor health and behaviour problems and learn all about raw foods.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 27 lectures and 3.5 hours of content.
  • You can enhance your Natural Dog Whispering skills so you can form a better bond with your companion animal.
  • Boost your confidence about how to introduce raw foods and learn which raw foods are safe to eat.
  • Improve your knowledge about where domesticated animals have come from and what the main problems they face in society today.

Course Overview

This course was designed for dog and cat owners, Rescue Shelter Staff, Dog Breeders, Dog Trainers & Dog Behaviourists, who are looking to improve the quality of life of the animals in their care, by feeding them an appropriate raw food diet. You will also develop helpful tips on how to source, store and handle raw foods safely, along with learning how to dramatically cut your animals lifetime pet care bills, saving you time, stress and money.

Instructor Bio

Nikki Brown is one of the UK's leading Natural Dog Whisperer. She belongs to the Association of the Canine Behaviour Centre in Cumbria, UK, where she gained her qualifications in Dog Psychology and Advanced Dog Aggression. She has appeared on TV & Radio and written for several Top UK Dog magazines as well as self publishing her first Book.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction

  • Course Overview
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An Introduction Into Natural Dog Whispering

  • The Importance of Fulfilling The Canine Species Needs Correctly.
  • How Natural Dog Whispering Yields Better Results Than Treat Training
  • What Are The Key Elements To Becoming Successful In Natural Dog Whispering.
  • Quiz - An Introduction into Natural Dog Whispering

Understanding The Canine Species

  • The Past, Present & Future Of Our Canine Companions
  • The Global Problems Dogs Are Facing
  • The Quiz: The past, present and future of our canine companions

Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition

  • 4.1Species-Diet
  • The History of Pet Food
  • What Is Happening In The Pet Food Industry
  • What Do The Terms On Pet Food Labels Really Mean?
  • Some of The Effects of Processed Pet Food Diets
  • Can Old Dogs Make The Switch Onto A Raw Diet?
  • The Factors You Need To Consider Before Switching Your Pet Onto A Raw Food Diet
  • How To Prepare Your Pet's System Before Feeding Raw Meaty Bones
  • Why It Is Important To Supplement Your Pet's Diet With The Right Supplements
  • What is Fulvic Acid?
  • 4.11Petfood-and-RMB
  • Bonus Video: Dog Poo by Barry Mapp
  • Bonus Video: Dog Poo by Barry Mapp
  • Quiz 3: Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Quiz

How To Safely Make The Switch To A Raw Meaty Bones Diet

  • What Raw Foods Are To Be Given In the First Two Weeks? How Much and How Often?
  • What Other Types Of Raw Foods Can You Feed After Two Weeks On The New Diet?
  • Other Factors To Be Considered When Feeding A Raw Diet
  • What Is BARF & When Is It Appropriate To Feed This To An Animal?
  • Safe Care When Storing, Handling and Feeding Raw Meaty Bones
  • Cost Savings Of The Raw Meaty Bones Diet.
  • Quiz 4: How To Safely Make The Switch Onto A Raw Meaty Bones Diet.

Bonus Lectures: Real Life Case Study

  • Case Study: The Story of Bella (Part 1)
  • Case Study: The Story of Bella (Part 2)

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Who is this course for?

Suitable for both dog and cat owners, Rescue Shelter Staff, Dog Breeders, Dog Trainers & Dog Behaviourists.


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