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Are you an animal lover who cares deeply about their care and welfare? Is your dream job being surrounded by animals? Our Animal Care Diploma is exactly right for you. Our animal courses are compiled by expert veterinarians who’ll show you the correct and kind way to handle and look after animals of all shapes and sizes.

This diploma is a budget-friendly way to study animal care. By investing in the Animal Care Diploma package, you will get 6 courses for much less than the full price of a single course.

You’ll be able to study:

  • Animal Psychology
  • Animal Care
  • Animal Grooming
  • Animal Training & Pet Sitting
  • Veterinary Support Assistant
  • Careers with Animals


  • Lifetime access - No time limits - Study at your own pace
  • Internationally-recognised CPD accredited course
  • Start learning straight away from any laptop or mobile device in any country
  • Immediate certificate download when you complete the course

Whether you wish to know how to properly care for your pets or start a wonderful job or business working with animals, our Animal Care Diploma courses will benefit you. Enrol today to learn to read animal language and build a better bond with animals immediately.

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Animals never cease to amaze us with their antics. We all talk to animals but do we truly understand what they’re telling us? Are we reading their body language correctly? Our animal care courses are packed with information to help you find better ways to communicate with animals.

Learn more about the amazing animal world. Build a strong two-way relationship with your pets built on trust. Be the best pet parent possible. Follow your dream and find your ideal job with animals. Or turn your passion for pets into a profitable business that you love.

For less than the full price of one course, you can study six courses related to pets and animal care. You can fit the studies around your lifestyle. Invest in the animal care courses and start learning straight away. You can keep the courses forever, so you can dip back in to refresh your memory or revise what you’ve learned.

There’s so much to learn, including:

  • Understanding animal behaviour including dogs, cats, rodents, birds and fish
  • Animal body language and signals
  • How to choose your pet
  • Correct animal care for different species
  • How to correctly groom animals
  • Training different animals with kindness
  • How to start your pet sitting business
  • What you need to become a veterinary support assistant
  • Finding dream careers with animals from animal photographer to zoologist

There are so many reasons to study animal care:

  • You can correctly read animals’ minds and properly look after them
  • You will be more confident around animals and handling them
  • Animals will feel more confident around you because you understand their needs
  • You’ll broaden your knowledge to better care for pets
  • You’ll have the knowledge to set up your own animal care or pet business
  • You’ll have a remarkable resume to show potential employers to land your ideal job with animals
  • You can learn at your own pace and go back to revise subjects at any time

Sign up now and start delving deeper into the animal kingdom by studying 6 courses for our Animal Care Diploma.

How is the course assessed?

By studying animal care courses online with IOA, you do not pay an extra fee for sitting an exam or have to wait for a set date to sit an exam. There is a short exam at the end of each module for you to take, You’ll know your score immediately.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you must complete the course and successfully pass each course module with a score of 55% or more to be eligible for the certificate. You will be eligible for a certificate for each of the 6 courses that you pass successfully. You can also get the ICOES certificate for a small fee to cover printing and posting.

Courses included:


  • Module 1: Domestication - How Pets Came In From The Cold
  • Module 2: Normal Dog Behaviour - When Your Pet Is Being True To His Nature
  • Module 3: What Dogs Are Saying
  • Module 4: Calm The Pack – Fear, Aggression And Anxiety
  • Module 5: How Well Do You Know Me? The Colourful World Of Dogs’ Antics Explained
  • Module 6: Lose Your Mind To Understand Your Dog’s
  • Module 7: What Is Normal Behaviour For A Cat?
  • Module 8: A Cat’s The Only Cat Who Knows Where It’s At
  • Module 9: When You’ve Had It With Your Cat – Psychiatric Challenges
  • Module 10: Cat On A Griddle
  • Module 11: Understanding Rabbits


  • Module 1: What Is Normal Behaviour For A Dog?
  • Module 2: If Dogs Could Talk
  • Module 3: A Dog's Eye View
  • Module 4: Normal Cat Behaviour
  • Module 5: When Cat Behaviour Is Abnormal
  • Module 6: Cats' Heightened Senses And Communication
  • Module 7: Cat Care And Health
  • Module 8: Caring For Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
  • Module 9: Different Breeds Of Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice & Exotic Rats
  • Module 10: Looking After Birds & Birds Of Prey
  • Module 11: How To Care For Fish
  • Module 12: Challenges Of Keeping Reptiles


  • Module 1: Where Did Grooming Begin?
  • Module 2: Setting Up & Safety Procedures
  • Module 3: First Aid
  • Module 4: The Most Common Skin Disorders
  • Module 5: Working Tools & Hygiene
  • Module 6: Psychology And Bathing
  • Module 7: Anatomy & Types Of Coat
  • Module 8: Standard Styles - From Poodles to Mixed Breeds


  • Module 1: Training Puppies
  • Module 2: Training Adult Dogs
  • Module 3: Cat Training
  • Module 4: Bird Training
  • Module 5: Fundamentals Of Dog Walking And Pet Sitting
  • Module 6: Out And About – Professional Dog Walking
  • Module 7: Disease, Health And Hygiene
  • Module 8: Being Professional With Clients & Agreeing Costs
  • Module 9: Handling And Getting Around With Your Pets
  • Module 10: Specific Information On Dogs And Cats
  • Module 11: First Aid
  • Module 12: Specific Information On Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
  • Module 13: Specific Information On Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice & Exotic Rats
  • Module 14: Caring for Birds
  • Module 15: Caring for Fish
  • Module 16: Caring for Reptiles
  • Module 17: How Pet Sitting Can Get You Up And Running In Business


  • Module 1: Veterinary Practice And The Veterinary Support Assistant
  • Module 2: Developing Your Skill Set
  • Module 3: Veterinary Terminology
  • Module 4: Basic Animal Handling
  • Module 5: Animal Psychology
  • Module 6: Advanced Animal Handling
  • Module 7: Around The Veterinary Practice
  • Module 8: Care Of In Patients
  • Module 9: Feeding Animals & Diets
  • Module 10: Basic Anatomy
  • Module 11: Basic Physiology
  • Module 12: Euthanasia
  • Module 13: Emergencies
  • Module 14: First Aid
  • Module 15: Health & Safety, And Regulations


  • Module 1: Brainstorming And Research
  • Module 2: Gaining Experience
  • Module 3: Portfolios, CV, And Application
  • Module 4: Applying To Vet School
  • Module 5: Health-related Careers - From Animal-assisted Therapist to Vet Support Assistant
  • Module 6: Pet-Related Careers- From Animal Control Officer to Service Dog Trainer
  • Module 7: Animal-related Careers - From Animal Behaviourist to Zoo Keeper

Who is this course for?

  • Everyone who interacts with animals will reap the benefits from this animal care series of courses
  • Anyone who has a pet or is thinking of getting a pet will know how to give them the proper care and attention they deserve
  • People who work or volunteers with animals will know how to handle and feed them
  • Anyone who wants a job or career being surrounded by animals
  • Animal lovers seeking a pet business, such as dog walking or animal training
  • Impress your boss or potential boss with a resume full of CPD certificate courses on animal care and pet services


International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.

Career path

  • You could work or volunteer in the animal care business, such as a shelter
  • Study further to pursue a career in veterinary medicine or animal psychology
  • Pursue your dream job working with animals
  • Start your own business, such as pet-sitting, dog walking, dog grooming or training animals
  • Consult the A-Z directory in our Careers With Animals course to find exciting and exotic jobs with animals

Questions and answers

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Neve asked:

Is this course recognised as a qualification for someone looking for a career change?


You can take a look at our reviews page and see how many people are currently using our courses to improve their CV or starting a new career. It is also accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards, ICOES, and by CPD ( CPD UK).

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Viv asked:

Is the qualification just CPD points? I require a certificate in Animal Care Level 2 or above?


The certificate of completion is issued for each one of the courses included in the bundle offer. The certification is provided by the International Council for Online Educational Standards, ICOES, and also accredited by CPD ( CPD UK).

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

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