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The Ancient Egyptian Magic Diploma Course is packed with fascinating information about Ancient Egypt, the magic they tapped into and how people are still using this form of magic to this day.

Setting the scene, the Ancient Egyptian Magic Diploma Course begins with a quick introduction to the subject, including a brief history of the various kingdoms, an overview of how Ancient Egyptians saw magic and religion, and the magic of hieroglyphics.

You’ll explore the differences between religion and magic, between priests and magicians. You’ll look at the House of Life, stories about magicians, and what would have been found in a magician’s toolbox in Ancient Egypt.

The Ancient Egyptian Magic Diploma Course takes you through the intersection between medicine and magic. The Ancient Egyptians took a magical view of medicine, and you’ll explore the popular ingredients and spells used.

Famous for their architecture, the course explains the magical and spiritual significance of the way the Ancient Egyptians built. You’ll also learn about the magic of mummification and the dead, and their beliefs about death and the afterlife, and how we can use magic in this life to affect it.

The Ancient Egyptian Magic Diploma Course covers the specific areas of the subject, including magical objects (such as amulets, scarabs and servant statues), oracles and dreams, and horoscopes.

Bringing these studies up to date, you’ll discover contemporary uses for Ancient Egyptian magic and symbolism, various occult orders and esoteric traditions, and mystical experiences of Ancient Egypt, happening in modern times.

Who is this course for?

Fans of our magic, witchcraft, and Wicca courses will enjoy the Ancient Egyptian Magic Diploma Course, as will anyone interested in the history and practices of the Ancient Egyptians.

The course does not require any prerequisite knowledge, so whether you’re a seasoned spell caster, a history buff, or a complete novice to the subject, you’ll discover something magical here.

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