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Analysing Statistics with Excel

BPP Professional Education


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1 Day, Full-time
6 CPD points / hours
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Venue may change up to 14-days before the course start date’
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This one-day course is very hands-on where you learn real-world techniques to make statistics easy to understand. We work with industry standard statistical models in Excel without the need for any programming, which you can take away for your own use. Increasingly both private and public sector organisations are turning to statistics to help drive performance, improve decision making and deliver better services. Within this growing dependency on statistics, there is an increasing need for more professionals to be able to think in a more statistical way.

The course includes new ways in developing flexible and dynamic statistical models quickly and easily. Delegates will also gain skills in writing powerful formulas using a variety of unexplored statistical functions

Venue may change up to 14-days before the course start date. Enquire for dates.


By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Build confidence in modern-day statistical tools all within Excel (with no programming)
  • Write powerful Excel formulas and see the benefits and practicality of using stat models
  • Be able to gain quick insight into business data for better decision making

Learning outcomes include a greater understanding of:

    • How to formulate robust stat models in Excel for optimum performance & output
    • Time saving techniques, keyboard hotkeys and shortcuts
    • Intro to statistical terms and how to read stat models used in the real world
      • Types and examples of quantitative data: continuous, categorical, count
      • Real world distributions e.g., normal, bimodal, uniform, skewed
      • Key terms & calculations: mean; mode; median; percentile; deviation; range; ratio; probability; and risk
    • Benefits and best practice of statistical modelling in modern-day businesses
      • Lots of dynamic & flexible spreadsheet models and examples for quick and easy output
      • Streamline data heavy processes with: STDEVA, NORMDIST, STDEV, STDEVP, VAR, KURT, SKEW, LARGE, PERCENTILE, QUARTILE, RANK, CORREL... and more
      • Discussion point: real world statistical data and how it can be used and improved
    • Associations | Trends | Regression
      • Further advanced Excel techniques to generate statistical outputs
      • Correlation vs Causation | Regression analysis
      • Identify different types of data trends
    • Hypothesis testing
      • The role of chance and how to assess it
      • F-test’ | ‘T-test’ | Analysing cross-sectional data
      • Interpreting the results from the ‘P-value’ of probability
    • Statistical charts and associated tools
      • Designing a ‘Histogram’ to visualise data flow
      • Complexities in charting and data plotting
      • Create an ‘Ogive’ chart and extract the results
    • Using Excel strategies for modelling, analysis, and distribution
      • Options for surveying customers and staff: sampling strategies
      • Understanding population and sampling
      • 2 techniques for analysing business trends via a ‘Frequency Distribution Table’
    • Bonus topics:
      • Using Excel Add-in features and built-in statistical wizards
      • How to read an ‘ANOVA Table’
      • A fully-automatic ‘Statistical Distribution Dashboard’ to take away
      • Homework topics for further study

All exercises and project files used on the course will be available to take home.

Who is this course for?

Based on real-world statistical data produced by analysts and researchers, this course will benefit professionals from both the private and public sector who want to build confidence in making more effective business decisions, looking to understand how to interpret statistics and attain a greater skill set with Excel. Laptops with a full installation of Excel will be provided.


The course material includes a variety of features in Excel and participants will gain the maximum benefit from this course if they are regular spreadsheet users and / or have already attended Data Analysis with Excel – Intermediate.

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