An Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology

City & Guilds and VTCT, VRQ beauty therapy curriculum



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Interested in human anatomy and physiology? This course will provide you a comprehensive introduction detailing cells and tissues, skin, hair and nails. You will also learn about the cardiovascular, lymphatic, skeletal and muscular systems. The course's content mirrors that of the City & Guilds and VTCT, VRQ beauty therapy qualification.

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Course Highlights

  • Over 1.5hrs of video, 89 lectures, and supplementary handouts and assessments
  • Learn about the body's major systems, their structure, and function.
  • Be able to identify and draw different cross-sections of the anatomy, including cells, nails, hair, bones and more.
  • This course is suitable for students learning anatomy and physiology studying to pass a physiology exam or those with an interest in physiology.

Course Overview

This course is for anyone looking to refresh their understanding of the human body. It is also suited for students studying for the City & Guilds and VTCT, VRQ beauty therapy qualification, its syllabus mirroring that qualifications' syllabus. A basic understanding of the human body will help for this course, however, there are no prerequisites.

Instructor Bio

Louise Searles has over With over 30 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry as a therapist, salon owner, trainer, and examiner, She has a passion to inspire, engage and educate so that you can reach your desired goals. She has lectured at Havering College and has been involved in the development and introduction of NVQs. She works alongside the City & Guilds' assessment team helping with product development.

Course Curriculum


  • Course Overview

Cells and Tissues

  • Cells and Tissues
  • Cell and Tissues Transcript
  • Cell and Tissues Glossary
  • Cells and Tissues Activity

Integumentary Skin Diseases

  • Integumentary Skin Diseases
  • Integumentary Skin Diseases Transcript
  • Integumentary Skin Diseases Glossary
  • Integumentary Skin Diseases Activity

Integumentary Epidermis

  • Integumentary Epidermis
  • Integumentary Epidermis Transcript
  • Integumentary Epidermis Glossary
  • Integumentary Epidermis Activity

Integumentary Dermis

  • Skin Dermis
  • Skin Dermis Transcript
  • Skin Dermis Glossary
  • Skin Dermis Activity

Integumentary Nails: Nails Growth and Shape

  • Integumentary Nails
  • Integumentary Nails: Nail Growth & Shape transcript
  • Integumentary Nails Glossary
  • Integumentary Nails Activity

Integumentary Nails: Nails Structure & Function

  • Integumentary Nails: Nails Structure & Function
  • Integumentary Nails: Nails Structure & Function Transcript
  • Integumentary Nails: Nails Structure & Function Glossary
  • Integumentary Nails: Nails Structure & Function Activity

Integumentary Hair

  • Hair Structure and Function
  • Hair Structure and Function Transcript
  • Hair Structure and Function Glossary
  • Hair Growth
  • Hair Structure and Function: Growth Cycle Handout
  • Hair Structure and Function Activity


  • Cardiovascular: Circulation Structure and Function
  • Cardiovascular: Circulation Structure and Function Transcript
  • Cardiovascular: Blood
  • Essential Knowledge: Blood
  • Cardiovascular: Vessels
  • Cardiovascular: Vessels Transcript
  • Cardiovascular Glossary
  • Cardiovascular: Structure Activity
  • Cardiovascular: Blood Activity
  • Essential Knowledge: Vessels Activity
  • Cardiovascular: Vessels Activity 2


  • Lymphatic
  • Lymphatic Transcript
  • Lymphatic Activity


  • Skeletal: Function and Structure
  • Skeletal: Function and Structure Transcript
  • Skeletal: Bones of the skull and shoulder girdle
  • Skeletal: Bones of the skull and shoulder girdle Transcript
  • Skeletal: Bones of the Limbs
  • Skeletal: Bones of the Limbs Transcript
  • Skeletal Glossary
  • Skeletal: Function and Structure Activity
  • Skeletal: Bones of the skull and shoulder girdle Activity
  • Skeletal: Bones of the Limbs Activity
  • Skeletal: Joints Activity


  • Muscular: Structure and Function
  • Muscular: Structure and Function Transcript
  • Muscular: Head, neck & torso
  • Muscular: Face
  • Muscular: Neck
  • Muscular: Torso
  • Muscular: Limbs
  • Muscular: Limbs Transcript
  • Muscular: Muscles of the head, neck and shoulder girdle act
  • Muscular: Muscles of the Limbs Activity

Course Assessment

  • Topic 1 Cells and Tissue Quiz
  • Topic 2 Skin Diseases Quiz
  • Topic 3 Epidermis Quiz
  • Topic 4 Dermis
  • Topic 5/6 Nails Quiz
  • Topic 6 Hair Quiz
  • Topic 7 Cardiovascular
  • Topic 8 Lymphatic Quiz
  • Topic 9 Skeletal Quiz
  • Top 10 Muscular

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Who is this course for?

  • Students of anatomy studying for a qualification in anatomy and physiology certification.
  • Beauticians looking to learn about anatomy and physiology.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Career path

Become a beautician.

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