Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planning – Level 3

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Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planning – Level 3

This course is endorsed under ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme.

Get 2 accredited qualifications in 1 program. The submission of your assessment is compulsory to get your ABC Awards certification. However, if you take a 20 question MCQ examination, you can also receive a free e-certificate from CPD & iAP.

The wedding planning industry is booming and has grown in importance and strength for several decades. Planning a wedding can be immensely time consuming and complicated that many brides prefer to have a wedding planner take care of every little detail. Wedding planners exist for the purpose of shouldering these responsibilities and key duties. This allows the couple to enjoy their wedding day while you make their dream wedding come true! The Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planning – Level 3 is a comprehensive training to enable learners to discover what it takes to be a professional wedding planner. The course is for any individual who wants to take their career in wedding planning to the next level. The course will give you the confidence to use your skills and abilities to put on the best weddings in town.

The course will help learners reach their maximum potential in meticulous coordination and balancing important elements of the wedding all at the same time. Having specialist certifications on your CV will demonstrate that you are competent in planning and coordination and it will make you more marketable among individuals looking to hire wedding planners. A wedding is a one-time event and if not done flawlessly the first time, there are no more chances to get it right. This is precisely why brides-to-be everywhere are willing to pay increasing fees to wedding planners.

If you’ve considered becoming a wedding planner the Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planning – Level 3 will cover key topics such as planning for the big day, dressing the bridal party, reception and gifts and sticking to a budget. This course is perfect if you want to experience the success you always hoped for as a wedding planner.

The course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme. This means that Global Edulink has undergone an external quality check to ensure that the organisation and the courses it offers, meet defined quality criteria. The completion of this course alone does not lead to a regulated qualification* but may be used as evidence of knowledge and skills gained. The Learner Unit Summary may be used as evidence towards Recognition of Prior Learning if you wish to progress your studies in this subject. To this end the learning outcomes of the course have been benchmarked at Level 3 against level descriptors published by Ofqual, to indicate the depth of study and level of demand/complexity involved in successful completion by the learner.

The course itself has been designed by Global Edulink to meet specific learners’ and/or employers’ requirements which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications. ABC Awards & Certa Awards endorsement involves robust and rigorous quality audits by external auditors to ensure quality is continually met. A review of courses is carried out as part of the endorsement process.

*Regulated qualification refers to those qualifications that are regulated by Ofqual / CCEA /Qualification Wales

We are always thinking of ways in which you can gain the best from our online learning platform. When you enroll with us on this program you will have the opportunity to enroll on a Level 3 course or above for free!!! The courses that you can choose from have been indicated on our suggested course below.

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Endorsed by ABC Awards

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What Will I Learn?

  • Gain a clear understanding of the job role of a wedding planner, what they do and what skills are required to be effective in this role.
  • Learn how to become experienced in this profession even though you may start out as someone who is new to the industry.
  • Learn what to include in your portfolio and what will attract potential clients to your wedding business.
  • Discover the steps it takes to start a wedding planning business. Wedding planners can work as self-employed specialists and enjoy flexibility in terms of working hours and shift patterns.
  • Learn job opportunities that exist in relation to wedding planning in the industry.
  • Learn the pros and cons of running your own wedding planning business.

Access Duration

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course. The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.

Course Curriculum: Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planning – Level 3

Module 01 - Profession of a wedding planner:

1.1. What is the profession of a Wedding Planner?

1.1.1 The functions of a Wedding Planner are to:

1.2. What are the characteristics of a Wedding Planner?

1.3. Client questionnaire

1.4. The planning process

1.5. Types of weddings

1.6. Choosing music for the ceremony

1.7. Choosing music for the banquet

Module 02 - Planning for the big day:

2.1. Request for her hand in marriage. Or his:

2.2. The bachelor party

2.3. Choice of venue for the celebration

2.4. Invitations

2.5. The Guest List

2.6. Who are pageboys and flower girls?

2.7. Rings and symbols of partnership

2.8. The Wedding Speeches

2.9. Event Checklist

Module 03 - Dressing the wedding party:

3.1 Choice of the bride’s dress






3.1.6 Post Wedding Outfits

3.1.7 Colour analysis

3.1.8 Application of colours

3.1.9 The Meaning of Colours

3.1.10 Accessories

3.2 For the Groom

3.3 Dressing the groom - body shapes





3.4 The Maid of Honour or Bridemaid's Dress(es)

Module 04 - other things to consider when dressing the bridal party:

4.1 Other things to consider when dressing the bridal party:

4.2 Make Up - General tips

4.3 Hair colour and style

4.4 Nail care

Module 05 - Reception, party and gifts:

5.1. Choosing the wedding menu

5.2. Complementary services: hostesses and transfers

5.3. Floral decoration

5.4. Distribution of tables and guests

5.5. What to give to your guests?

5.6. What to give the couple?

5.7. Capturing lifelong memories

5.8. The After Party

5.9. Honeymoon

Module 06 - Budget, payment, and review:

6.1 Final Budget

6.2 Sample budgets

6.2.1 Alex and Jane’s wedding €3,250

6.2.2 Sarah and Jack’s wedding €24,800

6.2.3 Jessica and Tom’s wedding €46,200

5.3 Payments

5.4 Incidence Analysis

Module 07 - Marketing 1:

7.1. Market research

7.1.1. Know your target audience

7.1.2. Know your competitors

7.2. Build your brand

7.2.1 Customers’ needs and wants

7.3. Take advantage of low cost marketing techniques

7.3.1 Use your personal contacts to springboard your business

7.3.2 Ask for referrals

7.3.3 Ask for testimonials

7.3.4 Join a business network

Module 08 - Marketing 2:

8.1 Make your website work hard for you

8.1.1 Setting up a website

8.1.2 Creating good content

8.1.3 SEO - Search engine optimization

8.1.4 Blogging

8.2 Use social media

8.2.1 Social media applications

8.3 PR and advertising

8.3.1 Look for PR opportunities

8.3.2 Give free information

8.3.3 Attend bridal fairs

8.3.4 Advertise wisely

8.3.5 Brand ambassadors

Module 09 - starting your wedding planner business:

9.1 Funding

9.1.1 What investment could I need?

9.2 What help is available

9.2 1. Mentoring

9.2.2. Networking

9.2.3. Government departments, state agencies, grants

9.3 Setting up your business

9.3.1 Sole trader or sole proprietorship

9.3.2 Partnership

9.3.3 Registering a business

Module 10 - Running the business:

10.1 Running your business

10.1.1 Calculating set up costs

10.1.2 Budgets and cash flow

10.1.3 Accounting, record keeping and taxes

10.1.4 Business bank account and online banking

10.1.5 Insurance

10.1.6 Charging fees

10.1.7 Wedding planner contract

Method of Assessment

This online program will be evaluated through written assignments. In order to complete this program successfully and gain your professional qualification, all students are required to complete a series of assignments. The completed assignments must be submitted via the online portal. Your instructor will review and evaluate your work and provide your feedback based on how well you have completed your assignments.

Please Note: Additionally, £159 (Inc. VAT) is charged for assessment and certificate and you need to pay that when you are submitting your assessments only (it is not required to pay initially when you are registering). this payment can be paid into 3 installments when you are submitting your assessments.


At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards and Certa Awards and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course).

Course Code: QLS-03619

Accredited Body

ABC Awards and Certa Awards have long-established reputations for providing high quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries. ABC Awards and Certa Awards combine over 180 years of expertise combined with a responsive, flexible and innovative approach to the needs of our customers.

Renowned for excellent customer service, and quality standards, ABC Awards and Certa Awards also offer regulated qualifications for all ages and abilities post-14; all are developed with the support of relevant stakeholders to ensure that they meet the needs and standards of employers across the UK.

While the submission of your assignment is compulsory for you to get your ABC Awards accredited certification, you can also receive another CPD & iAP accredited, free e-certificate if you take a 20 multiple choice exam.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals considering changing their career and becoming a wedding planner
  • Individuals entering the workforce after taking a break from their former careers
  • Wedding Planners who want to start out on their own
  • Anyone who has a deep interest in the wedding planning industry


  • There are no formal pre-requisites for this course
  • Individuals should have an interest and desire to get started as a wedding planner
  • The course is suitable for individuals looking to acquire new skills in the field of wedding planning

Career path

  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Party Planner

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