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Adobe Lightroom Training

Adobe Photoshop revolutionized the way photographs are edited and used two decades before. After that, Adobe took the idea one step ahead and raised curtains for Adobe Lightroom software. It is an end to end solution for the photographers to color correct, review, organize and enhance the look and the feel of their photographs. With the help of the Lightroom users can also create photo books, web galleries, presentation documents and deliver high-quality printing outputs.

No matter you use Lightroom as an individual or for commercial purposes, every variant is simple, straight forward and pretty easy to use. It gives a great level of control to the user like no other image editing software did. Through this application, it is easily possible to manage and edit large batches of images and apply effects or change the features of the photographs as per your intention. Lightroom can produce photographs with great outputs irrespective of the medium it is used, so you can effortlessly put the photographs to use in both print and web mediums.

If you ever worked on a photo editing software, you will surely find a great deal of difference between using another set of applications and Adobe Lightroom. Color correcting and editing your images through Lightroom is fun, easier and productive. All of it is possible because of the wonderful workflow the software offers.

  • Managing your photos files in the catalogs is simple and easy.
  • Non-destructive photo editing (which intelligently stores the edited information of your images in a central catalog file) helps to save the set of editing information you have carried on but the original image will be intact allowing you to go back to the photo file at any time of the correction.
  • The software also allows you to open a third party image editor if you want to edit a particular image for a specified effect within Lightroom. By opening the external application through the software, Lightroom will keep track of the edits done on the image file. The application offers various methods of editing and saving settings for various image file formats. The edited copies are automatically added to the Lightroom catalog.

Adobe Lightroom is not just a software application that corrects and edits your images. It is a workflow which helps you easily organize and carry on your work with so many worthy features that will help you save your time and efforts on a grand scale.

What can you expect from this course?

Adobe Lightroom Training is intended to teach the most useful parts of Photo editing and correction to our users. In this course, we covered many important features that are put to use in image editing domains. Apart from that, the course gives you a detailed introduction to the software discussing every part of the interface, which will be helpful for the beginner level students to learn the software much easily.

You will discover that the entire course is designed in a way to deal with the practical exercises most of the time rather focusing on the theoretical parts. We chose to deal with various images that are shot indoors, outdoors and human faces and more subjects. It is because we can stretch the scope of the tutorial by discussing and implementing practical methods on images from a variety of conditions.

About Adobe Lightroom Training

The course is divided into three sections where you will learn about the introduction about Lightroom in the first section, followed by Editing and corrections in the second sections and more focused on Human skin and facial corrections in the third section.


Section 1: Introduction

In this beginning chapter of the Adobe Lightroom training, we will start by introducing about the software and where it is commonly used. We discuss various tools and features that are most commonly put to use across the domains that usually use the software for color correction. You will also know about the value added features as batch photo editing, Non-destructive photo editing and Editing photos in another application within Lightroom.

Later, we take you through the interface of the software and discuss the workspace and the total divisions of the window. We talk about the work area, right panel groups, and the left panel groups. You will also know about the top panel, identity plate, and the toolbar.

Section 2- Editing and Corrections

From this section onwards, we will take you through the practical exercises that will teach you the most important and most common tools and features of the Adobe Lightroom in an explicit way. Few of the common challenges to the beginner and intermediate level students and freshers who enter the digital photo editing industry is to deal with a variety of photographs shot at various time of the day. Dealing with such scenario is an everyday job in the domain and to become a professional photographer you should learn how to deal with such situations.

To tackle this problem, we planned six exercise lectures dealing with different photographs from diverse color tones and tints. We start with working on a baby image to show, how to maintain the softness yet enhance the quality and effect of the image. Later we take you through an outdoor image and show you how to correct the scenery and control light and fog that are natural in the outdoor and landscape photographs. You will learn in-depth about the color casting techniques and how to use the filter effects in Adobe Lightroom. At the end of the section, you will learn how to control the hard sunlight in your photographs.

Section 3- Face Corrections

We continue to take example exercise files in this third and final section of the course. Our prime focus in this section will be targeted towards the Human face and skin clearing, color enhancing and editing techniques. However, we are not limited to these topics but we will also explore various methods to edit photographs with sky and water bodies.

The first lecture talks about the face editing. Here, you will learn about how to control the shadows, edit the blemishes on the photograph and enhance the look and color of the photos adding more beauty to the photographs. We will jump deep into the similar topic and talk about the advanced topics in the second lecture of the section. Here, we will discuss in depth about color correcting the human skin and face and to be sure about maintaining the same tone throughout the visible skin on the body to produce a harmonious look that enriches the experience of watching the photograph.

The later portions of the sections deal with correcting the images that are shot in the outdoors, especially containing huge water bodies, sky, and the horizon. These images inadvertently catch the fog in the atmosphere which is usually not visible to the naked eye but always present there. It disturbs the quality of the image and leaves a vague picture. You will know how to deal with such images and bring out crystal clear pictures with the help of Adobe Lightroom.

The conclusion lecture will discuss the contents of the course one more time and leaves few quick tips.

Pre-requisites to learn the course

Adobe Lightroom is simple, yet comprehensive software that can be easily learned without prior information about Multimedia software. It is right software to start your multimedia journey or image correction as a photographer. However, certain knowledge about basic computer usage is necessary to learn• Basic computer knowledge as how to open a file, save a file and access through a Windows or Mac OS are mandatory.

Hardware specifications

Adobe Lightroom is light on your computer. It is easily run on all Pentium and AMD processors. A 2GB RAM will work well to run the program without interruptions.

Skills required on a personal level

  • Basic understanding of any graphic designing or any Adobe software or GIMP will help you comprehend and learn the subject quickly.
  • Passions to learn, experiment and being creative the software.

Who can take this course?

Adobe Lightroom Training is focused on students and wanna-be Photographers. Apart from the students from Photography community, the merits of the software can use by everyone who wants to have a picture perfect photograph.

  • Students who want to choose Graphic designing as their career can choose this course
  • For Photography and Art students, this course will help a lot in enhancing their Color corrections and photo touching skills on a digital platform.
  • For anyone with basic computer knowledge who wants to shift into a photo editing and correcting career.
  • Photographers with no software knowledge can enhance the picture quality and correction skills by starting with this course.
  • Besides, professional causes Adobe Lightroom can be learned and used by anyone irrespective of career choices. You can start bringing your imagination to live with this course.

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