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Adobe InDesign is a successive version of PageMaker. It is the alternative to the original desktop publishing software program. This is a page layout software program. It can be accessed as a standalone package or in certain editors of the Creative Suite of Adobe.

About Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign has been dubbed the Quark Killer and really lived up to its name a few versions earlier. In 2012, the versions widely used include the CS4,5 and 6. One of the key features of the most recent version of Adobe In Design is the enhanced cross media publishing. This involves enhanced integration with Adobe design, web as well as digital reading application.

There are enhanced productivity tools including rapid table creation, smart guides, multiple file placement, creation of pages of different sizes in a single file and streamlined editing as well as object selecting.

Apart from this Adobe InDesign provides enhanced textual composition such as styles, text wrap paragraph composer, open type support and drop cap. Headlines that span or split column can be used without additional text frame.

Moreover, there are enhanced creative tools such as integrated drawing tools, built in Adobe Photoshop effect, intricate transparency control and support for artwork with regard to 3 dimensional photoshop. There is also enhanced refighting and production. apart from this there is automation, close integration between InDesign and other software for collaboration and IDML or InDesign Markup language.

Adobe InDesign CS6 has additional features such as liquid lay-out which engages in automatic adaptation when the layout is changed such as page size or orienting. Alternate layout permits design for multiple devices within the same file. You can link content within or across documents so change in one section updates the others. Moreover, content collection tools make gathering content for reuse form one document to another far more simple. You can also create form fields within Indesign before making a PDF export or split window view for comparison of layouts alongside within a single document. Middle Eastern language support ensues that persistent text frame fitting option, grayscale preview and commonly used fonts leading the font list as well as page panel enhancers and Grayscale PDF as well as PNG export along with modifications and several other features.

In comparison to other desktop publishing programs such as QuarkXpress, riddled with bugs, Adobe InDesign is a program which can be used for laying out documents for print. Adobe’s design triple pairing of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign can be used for any type of print design. The Adobe InDesign program plays a critical role in producing pieces for print.

For example, if the creator is to design a brochure with copy, line art and photos, InDesign is he page layout program that creates graphic elements on pages for print hence the term page layout. A landscape can be used for importing photo, copy and graphics and placing it where you want it to be. InDesign offers controls as well as settings printers to ensure the brochure prints properly, whereas other design programs do not offer such design fine control.

Adobe InDesign can be used to create lay pages for print. In Design is used for creating calendars, brochures, direct mail, ads, flyers, catalogues, packaging, posters, cd covers, business cards, letterhead, sales aids, billboards, display boards, pamphlets, books, user manuals, magazines and much more. Adobe InDesign is where printed pieces come together and in special situations, the project a designer runs across, Adobe InDesign is the program which can be used for setting it up.


This Adobe InDesign training course helps in acquiring knowledge about theory as well as application. Each section covers US, editing of pages and settings and creation of designs.

UI understanding allows participants to user interface and another section will introduce participants to the editing process while various designs can be created and edited in the software. Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application. It is produced by Adobe and can be very useful in real life printing situations. Benefits of Adobe InDesign are it can be used for SWF and ePUB to create online e-books and digital publications including magazines and content suited for tablet computers. InDesign also provides support for XML, style sheets and coding markup making it useful for export of tagged text content for use in online and digital set ups. The Adobe InDesign uses the same formatting engine as the Adobe InCopy word processing.

Course Objectives are to provide practical on the job training and take a basic knowledge of Adobe InDesign to the next level. Here are the topics to be covered under the course:

  • Introduction to Adobe InDesign User Interface: This includes understanding the UI, options available in InDesign on UI and accosting understanding about options there for InDesign UI.
  • Creating Documents for InDesign: This involves understanding how to layout the document and the way in which documents can be made from a scratch
  • Editing pages and settings– This involves understanding how to edit the pages and different types of settings as well as understanding the editing tools.
  • Detailed Learning: Learning how to create Master Pages and each tool in detail provides the ability to create design and learn how to place graphics.
  • Designing: InDesign tools for designing a leaflet will also be taught as part of this course. This includes understanding how to layout and manage the design.

Who is this course for?

This includes software development professionals as well as graphics designers and animators. Those working in publishing houses would also benefit from this computer course. The best part about Adobe InDesign is that it provides relevant on the job training.


Basic computer knowledge is required along with a skill and orientation to learn. InDesign software can be used for training as well. For this purpose, basic understanding of computer commands and how the PC functions is a must.

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