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This bundle will cover all you need to know about acupressure. Taking you through three detailed courses, this bundle will give you an introduction to acupressure, as well as look in more depth at specific techniques and applying them to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. By the end of this course bundle, you will be able to practice and teach your own new-found acupressure expertise!

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Bundle Highlights

  • Includes 420 lectures, over 8 hours of video content and downloadable learning materials.
  • Learn how to find and apply acupressure points to help get rid of your smoking habit or to improve fertility.
  • Relieve all types of Physical, Mental and Emotional Imbalances as well as stress and anxiety.
  • Learn how to apply specific Acupressure techniques to defuse all types of head, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain.
  • This course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and wanting to try an alternative therapy.

Bundle Overview

The Acupressure Academy Masterclass will teach you how to relieve pain on your own without having to resort to medication. You will learn how to employ traditional Chinese massage points to help relieve anxiety, migraines and stress. You will also learn how to find the right massage points and use the specific techniques to help you quit smoking and improve fertility.

The Acupressure for physical, mental and emotional health has been created for students of all levels who are interested in learning simple acupressure techniques to help improve overall health & wellbeing. You will learn how to reduce fear, anxiety, panic, self-doubt, frustration, shame, anger, grief and much more, by applying pressure to the correct part of the body.

The final course included in the bundle has been designed to teach students about specific Acupressure treatment points and how to utilize them to diffuse pain in the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. Its delivered in a very simplistic way, making it very easy for students to learn and apply the techniques to work on themselves, on family, friends or clients.

This bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about acupressure. Whether you wish to teach, practice or simply learn more about the art of acupressure matters not, as this bundle covers all three. It is also a great bundle for anyone who wishes to learn how to relieve pain, stress or any other physical or mental ailment that a loved one may be feeling.

Bundle Curriculum

Acupressure Masterclass

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Acupressure Against Headache

Part 3: Acupressure Against Back Pain

Part 4: Acupressure Against Allergy

Part 5: Emergency Acupressure

Part 6: Acupressure For Women

Part 7: Acupressure For Everyday Health

Part 8: Acupressure To Learn More Efficiently And Effectively

Part 9: Acupressure For Sport and Fitness

Part 10: Acupressure For Best Sex

Part 11: Acupressure Assessment Part 1

Part 12 Acupressure For Relaxation

Part 13: Acupressure Against Anxiety: 10 Day Treatment Plan

Part 14: Acupressure To Become Pregnant

Part 15: Acupressure Against Irregular Periods

Part 16: Acupressure For Mother and Child

Part 17: Acupressure Against Menopause

Part 18: Acupressure Against Migraine

Part 19: Acupressure Against Smoking

Part 20: Acupressure Against Asthma

Part 21: Acupressure For Memory Improvement

Part 22: Acupressure For Travel

Part 23: Acupressure Against Depression

Part 24: Acupressure Against Flu

Part 25: Acupressure For Footballers

Part 26: Acupressure For Potency

Part 27: Acupressure For Yoga

Part 28: Final Assessment

Part 29: Acupressure Apps and Conclusion

Part 30: Recommended Courses

Acupressure for Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: What is Acupressure?

Part 3: What are Meridians?

Part 4: Acupressure for Feeling Shocked, Panicked or Offended

Part 5: Acupressure For Feeling Worried, Anxious, Apprehensive or Can't Sleep

Part 6: Acupressure for Feeling Stressed, Inner Turmoil, Tense or Frustration

Part 7: Acupressure for Feeling Fearful, Scared, Broken Hearted, Insecure, Lonely or Rejected

Part 8: Acupressure for Feeling Ashamed, Grief or Guilty

Part 9: Acupressure for Feeling Angry, Resentful, Jealous or Irritable

Part 10: Acupressure for Feeling Sad, Tearful, Despair, Gloomy or Exhaustion

Part 11: Acupressure for Feeling Confused, Foolish or Dizzy

Part 12: Acupressure for Feeling Stubborn, Can't Let Go, Stuck or Obstinate

Part 13: Acupressure for Feeling Timid, Self Doubt or Nervous

Acupressure for Pain Management

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: What is Acupressure?

Part 3: What are Meridians?

Part 4: Acupressure Treatment For Headaches

Part 5: Acupressure Treatment For TMJ/TMD - Temporomandibular Joint/Disorders

Part 6: Acupressure Treatment For Neck & Shoulder Pain

Part 7: Acupressure Treatment For Elbow Pain

Part 8: Acupressure Treatment For Wrist & Hand Pain

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Who is this course for?

- Those looking to learn Acupressure and TCM

- Existing practitioners looking to refresh their knowledge


There are no prerequisites for this three-course bundle.

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