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Accounting has existed since people first became involved in trade and commerce. All businesses recognise the need for an individual or department who can keep track of all of the exchanges and transactions, and that’s where accounting comes in.

This intelligently-designed Accounts Assistant Training course covers all the basics of accounting, the concepts of balance sheets and how to prepare them, taxation and much more. In addition to this, essential skills in investment management, bookkeeping, auditing, marketing and retail will all be taught. Through a series of comprehensive accounting lessons, you’ll learn the skills needed to manage and operate the accounting department of an organisation and succeed in a heavily competitive business world.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to manage the accounting function, regulate financial records and prepare ledgers and spreadsheets with ease.

Highlights of the Accounts Assistant Training:

  • Gain the skills that needed to secure a job as an Accounts Assistant.
  • Understand the accounting cycle, debits and credits, and the basics of budgeting.
  • Explore an overview of the skills and knowledge required to become a professional Bookkeeper.
  • Learn ethics in Accounting, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and prepare financial statements, worksheet and the purpose of the adjusting process.
  • Understand the balance sheet, payroll accounting terminology and financial planning, budgeting and control.
  • Discover a detailed overview of the tax system in the UK.
  • Get introduced to the principles of payroll systems, ways of increasing payroll efficiency and the importance of risk management in payroll.

Course media


We’ve taken this comprehensive course and broken it down into several manageable modules which we believe will assist you to easily grasp each concept – from the fundamental to the most advanced aspects of the course. It really is a sure pathway to success.

Course Design

This course is designed with the following modules:

Module 01

  • Getting the Facts Straight
  • The Accounting Cycle
  • The Key Reports
  • A Review of Financial Terms
  • Understanding Debits and Credits
  • Your Financial Analysis Toolbox
  • Identifying High and Low Risk Companies
  • The Basics of Budgeting
  • Working Smarter

Module 02

  • Professional Bookkeeper
  • Defining a Business
  • Ethics in Accounting
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • The Accounting Equation
  • Transactions
  • Financial Statements
  • The Accounting Equation and Transactions
  • Double-Entry System
  • Transactions – Journalizing
  • Journal Entries
  • Posting Entries
  • The Trial Balance
  • Finding Errors Using Horizontal Analysis
  • Horizontal Trend : Balance Sheet
  • Horizontal Trend: Income Statement
  • The Purpose of the Adjusting Process
  • Adjusting Entries – Prepaid Expenses
  • Adjusting Entries – Accrued Revenues
  • Adjusting Entries – Depreciation Expense
  • Adjustment Summary – Review
  • Vertical Analysis
  • Preparing a Worksheet
  • The Income Statement
  • Financial Statements – Definitions
  • Temporary vs. Permanent Accounts
  • Accounting Cycle Illustrated – Steps 1-5
  • Accounting Cycle Illustrated – Steps 6-10
  • Fiscal Year
  • Spreadsheet Exercise – Steps 1-4
  • Spreadsheet Exercise – Steps 5-7

Module 3

  • Module One – Introduction
  • Module Two – Basic Terminology
  • Module Three – Basic Terminology (II)
  • Module Four – Accounting Methods
  • Module Five – Keeping Track of Your Business
  • Module Six – Understanding the Balance Sheet
  • Module Seven – Other Financial Statements
  • Module Eight – Payroll Accounting Terminology
  • Module Nine – End of Period Procedures
  • Module Ten – Financial Planning, Budgeting and Control
  • Module – Eleven Auditing
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up

Module 4

  • Tax System in the UK
  • What Is Payroll?
  • Principles Of Payroll Systems
  • Confidentiality And Security Of Information
  • Effective Payroll Processing
  • Increasing Payroll Efficiency
  • Risk Management in Payroll
  • Time Management
  • Personnel Filing
  • When Workers Leave Employment
  • Hiring Employees
  • Paye and Payroll for Employers
  • Tell HMRC about a New Employee
  • Net And Gross Pay
  • Statutory Sick Pay
  • Minimum Wage for Different types of Work

How is the course assessed?

To successfully complete the course you must pass an automated, multiple-choice assessment. The assessment is delivered through our online learning platform. You will receive the results of your assessment immediately upon completion.

While I receive a certificate of completion?

Upon successful completion you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised professional qualification and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your Certificate at an additional cost.

Who is this course for?

Whether you’re an existing practitioner or aspiring professional, this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with key skills and an accredited qualification attesting to your knowledge.

The Accounts Assistant Training is open to all, with no formal entry requirements. All you need is a passion for learning, a good understanding of the English language, numeracy and IT, and to be over the age of 16.

Questions and answers

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Sufz asked:

On the certificate would it display office management and reception as shown on the course media or will it display Accounts Assistant instead. Thanks


Hi Sufz, Thanks for reaching out. That is the sample certificate for the learners to watch. Your course name will be mentioned in your certificate. Thanks.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Ceri asked:

Roughly how many hours is this course?


Hi Ceri, Thanks for the question. The estimated course duration is 35 hours. However, you will have a one-year access to the course after purchasing and you can complete the course anytime within a year. Thanks.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Jerusalem asked:

Can I get the course materials in hard copy through the post?


Hi Jerusalem, Thanks for the question. All our courses are completely online and the course materials are online as well. You don't provide any hard copies of the course materials. You will need to study online. You will have one-year access to the course after purchasing and you will be able to complete the course anytime within a year. Thanks.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

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