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Accountancy (Accountant Training)

Level 5 Accountancy | Sage50, Xero, QuickBooks, Tax, SAP, Bookkeeping, Payroll Training Included | No Hidden FEE

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18in1 Accountancy Bundle

*FREE Certificates (Hardcopy+PDF), PDF Transcripts & Student ID with Lifetime Access*

Intrigued about accountancy and accounting? This all-inclusive Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle is just the right step forward in a new accountant career. Find all the tools you need to build your Accountancy skillset in this accessible Accountancy bundle designed to master accountancy skills.

This all-inclusive Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle has everything you need to set yourself up for an accounting-related job. From the basics of accountancy and finance to the complexities of budget management and Sage 50 in accountancy and accounting, there is nothing that this bundle misses! On top of that, the skills you gain in accountancy (accountant training) and accounting will prepare you for wonderful and promising careers in accountancy! Quite the deal! Here at Skill Up, we are determined to give you the best Accountancy skills with this Accountancy bundle.

Do hurry and Sign up for the all-inclusive Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle, and experience relentless development of in-demand accountancy knowledge, accountancy skills and accountancy strategies within you!

This Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle Consists of the Following Courses :

  • Course 1: Accountancy Basics
  • Course 2: SAP S4HANA Controlling Course - Cost Center Accounting
  • Course 3: Accounting and Finance Certification Course
  • Course 4: Online Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Course
  • Course 5: Tax Accounting
  • Course 6: Sage 50 Training
  • Course 7: Corporate Finance: Coping with Financial Downturn
  • Course 8: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Course 9: Xero Accounting Diploma
  • Course 10: Key Account Management for Beginners
  • Course 11: Complete Banking and Finance Accounting Statements Financial Analysis
  • Course 12: Xero Advanced Bookkeeping 2021
  • Course 13: Sage 50 Payroll
  • Course 14: Commercial law
  • Course 15: Accounting Skills for New Supervisors
  • Course 16: Financial Business Analysis
  • Course 17: Advanced Financial Modeling Using Excel
  • Course 18: Managing Budgets

CPD accredited Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle is the most comprehensive bundle on Accountancy now available online, offered by Skill up to upskill you with core to advanced Accountancy ideas and escalate you as a peerless potential in the promising Accountancy industry.

Being loaded with up-to-date Accountancy (Accountant Training) knowledge and techniques, this self-paced Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle is truly ideal for all aspiring accountancy professionals.
Let your accountancy eLearning experience meet the utmost satisfying level by enrolling in our premium Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle now!

Learning Outcomes of this Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle:

  • Become skilful in accountancy practices
  • Gain an understanding of the accountancy essentials
  • Master Xero bookkeeping and accounting for effective accountancy
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of tax accounting in accountancy
  • Master Accountancy skills to thrive as a new supervisor.
  • Familiarise yourself with online Accountancy, bookkeeping and QuickBooks.
  • Develop customer reporting skills concerning Accountancy
  • Upskill yourself in e-submissions basics concerning Accountancy
  • Outstand your resume by adding Accountancy to your skillset to astound your prospective employers.

Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle Specialities

  • 72 hours of instant video lectures and downloadable Accountancy (Accountant Training) resources.
  • Affordable premium-quality Accountancy eLearning content, you can learn at your own pace.
  • You will receive 18 completion certificates upon completing the Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle.
  • An Internationally Recognised Certificate in Accountancy (Accountant Training) would boost up your resume.
  • You will learn the researched and proven approach of Accountancy adopted by renowned Accountancy experts.


After completing all the Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle modules, your learning will be assessed by an automated multiple-choice-based exam. You may choose to participate in a Mock Exam before attending the Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle completion Final Exam with absolutely no extra cost.


This premium Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle comes with FREE PDF & Hardcopy Certificates, PDF Transcripts & Student ID Card, which makes this Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle the perfect value for money.

##Please Download our FREE Accountancy - Booklet to get a wholesome grip on all our premium Accountancy courses


180 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD Quality Standards

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***Course Curriculum***

** Accountancy (Accountant Training) **

* Accountancy Basics*

  • Accountancy -Introduction to Accountancy
  • Accountancy -The Role of an Accountant
  • Accountancy -Accounting Concepts and Standards
  • Accountancy -Double-Entry Bookkeeping
  • Accountancy -Balance Sheet
  • Accountancy -Income statement
  • Accountancy -Financial statements
  • Accountancy -Cash Flow Statements
  • Accountancy -Understanding Profit and Loss Statement
  • Accountancy -Financial Budgeting and Planning
  • Accountancy -Auditing

*SAP S4HANA Controlling Course-Cost Center Accounting*

  • Accountancy -SAP Controlling
  • Accountancy -Deep-dive to Cost Center Accounting
  • Accountancy -Bonus Lectures

*Accounting and Finance Certification Course*

  • Accountancy -First Transactions
  • Accountancy -T Accounts
  • Accountancy -Trial Balance
  • Accountancy -Income Statement
  • Accountancy -Balance Sheet
  • Accountancy -Are they Expenses, or Assets
  • Accountancy -Accounting Jargon
  • Accountancy -Accruals Accounting
  • Accountancy -Trial Balance 3 days ago More
  • Accountancy -Fixed Assets
  • Accountancy -Stock movements
  • Accountancy -How to calculate the Return on Capital Employed
  • Accountancy -Transfer Pricing

*Online Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Course*

  • Accountancy -Setting up
  • Accountancy -Nominal ledger
  • Accountancy -Customers
  • Accountancy -Suppliers
  • Accountancy -Sales ledger
  • Accountancy -Purchases ledger
  • Accountancy -Sundry payments
  • Accountancy -Sundry receipts
  • Accountancy -Petty cash
  • Accountancy -Bank reconciliation
  • Accountancy -Payroll
  • Accountancy -Reports

*Tax Accounting*

  • Accountancy -Tax System and Administration in the UK
  • Accountancy -Tax on Individuals
  • Accountancy -National Insurance
  • Accountancy -Self-Assessment Tax Return
  • Accountancy -Fundamental of Income Tax
  • Accountancy -Advanced Income Tax
  • Accountancy -Payee, Payroll and Wages
  • Accountancy -VAT
  • Accountancy -Corporation Tax
  • Accountancy -Capital Gain Tax
  • Accountancy -Inheritance Tax
  • Accountancy -Import and Export
  • Accountancy -Double Entry Accounting
  • Accountancy -Management Accounting and Financial Analysis

*Sage 50 Training*

  • Accountancy -Introduction
  • Accountancy -Setting up the System
  • Accountancy -Creating Projects
  • Accountancy -Supplier Invoice and Credit Note
  • Accountancy -Customer Invoice and Credit Note
  • Accountancy -Bank Payment and Transfer
  • Accountancy -Supplier and Customer Payments and DD STO
  • Accountancy -Petty Cash
  • Accountancy -Bank Reconciliation
  • Accountancy -Aged Reports
  • Accountancy -Payroll
  • Accountancy -Vat Return
  • Accountancy -Entering opening balances
  • Accountancy -Year end journals–Depre journal
  • Accountancy -Prepayment and Deferred Income Journals
  • Accountancy -Budget
  • Accountancy -Cash flow and Sage Report Design
  • Accountancy -Preparation of Accountants Report & correcting Errors

*Corporate Finance: Coping with Financial Downturn*

  • Accountancy -Long Term Financial Planning and Growth
  • Accountancy -Analysis of the Financial Statement
  • Accountancy -Capital Budgeting
  • Accountancy -Financial Risk-Return Tradeoff
  • Accountancy -Profitability During Financial Downturn
  • Accountancy -Managing Profitability
  • Accountancy -Corporate Finance Regulations

*Xero Accounting Diploma*

  • Accountancy -Setting up the system
  • Accountancy -Nominal ledger
  • Accountancy -Customers & Suppliers
  • Accountancy -Sales ledger
  • Accountancy -Suppliers
  • Accountancy -Purchases ledger
  • Accountancy -Sundry payments
  • Accountancy -Petty Cash
  • Accountancy -Bad Debt
  • Accountancy -Credit Card
  • Accountancy -Bank Reconciliation
  • Accountancy -Payroll
  • Accountancy -VAT
  • Accountancy -Reports
  • Accountancy -Payroll unit

*Key Account Management for Beginners*

  • Accountancy -Introduction
  • Accountancy -Purpose of Key Account Management
  • Accountancy -Understanding Key Accounts
  • Accountancy -Elements of Key Account Management
  • Accountancy -What Makes a Good Key Account Manager
  • Accountancy -Building and Delivering Value to Key Accounts
  • Accountancy -Key Account Planning
  • Accountancy -Business Customer Marketing and Development
  • Accountancy -Developing Key Relationships
  • Accountancy -The Importance of Record Keeping
  • Accountancy -Internal KAM Aspects
  • Accountancy -The Value Proposition

Complete Banking and Finance Accounting Statements Financial Analysis

  • Accountancy -Introduction
  • Accountancy -Introduction to Accounting
  • Accountancy -Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Accountancy -Understanding Working Capital
  • Accountancy -Introduction to Financial Analysis
  • Accountancy -Financial Analysis - Case Study and Assignment
  • Accountancy -Financial Ratio Analysis in Corporate Finance
  • Accountancy -Financial Modelling for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Accountancy -Summary

*Xero Advanced Bookkeeping 2021*

  • Accountancy -Settings
  • Accountancy -Customers and Suppliers
  • Accountancy -Fixed Assets
  • Accountancy -Bank Payments & Receipts
  • Accountancy -Petty Cash
  • Accountancy -Bank Reconciliation
  • Accountancy -Business Credit Card Account
  • Accountancy -Aged Reports
  • Accountancy -Payroll and Journals
  • Accountancy -Vat Return
  • Accountancy -CIS Return
  • Accountancy -Accrual and Prepayment
  • Accountancy -Accrued Income & Deferred Income
  • Accountancy -Depreciation Journal
  • Accountancy -Management Reports
  • Accountancy -Budget
  • Accountancy -Cash Flow
  • Accountancy -Payment
  • Accountancy -Bank Rules
  • Accountancy -Multicurrency
  • Accountancy -Marketplace
  • Accountancy -Resources available during Covid-19
  • Accountancy -Correction of Error

*Sage 50 Payroll*

  • Accountancy -Company Settings
  • Accountancy -Legislation Settings
  • Accountancy -Pension Scheme Basics
  • Accountancy -Pay Elements
  • Accountancy -The Processing Date
  • Accountancy -Adding Existing Employees
  • Accountancy -Adding New Employees
  • Accountancy -Payroll Processing Basics
  • Accountancy -Entering Payments
  • Accountancy -Updating Records
  • Accountancy -e-Submissions Basics
  • Accountancy -Process Payroll (November)
  • Accountancy -Employee Records and Reports
  • Accountancy -Process Payroll (December)
  • Accountancy -Resetting Payments
  • Accountancy -Quick SSP
  • Accountancy -An Employee Leaves
  • Accountancy -Final Payroll Run
  • Accountancy -Reports & Historical Data
  • Accountancy -Year-End Procedures

*Commercial Law*

  • Accountancy -Introduction
  • Accountancy -Business Organisations
  • Accountancy -International Trade: the Theory, the Institutions, and the Law
  • Accountancy -Sales of Goods Law
  • Accountancy -Consumer Law and Protection
  • Accountancy -E-Commerce Law
  • Accountancy -Competition Law

*Accounting Skills for New Supervisors*

  • Accountancy -The Accounting Cycle
  • Accountancy -The Key Reports
  • Accountancy -Understanding Debits & Credits
  • Accountancy -Your Financial Analysis Toolbox
  • Accountancy -Identifying High & Low-Risk Companies
  • Accountancy -The Basics of Budgeting
  • Accountancy -Working Smarter

*Financial Business Analysis*

  • Accountancy -Introduction
  • Accountancy -The Balance Sheet
  • Accountancy -The Income Statement
  • Accountancy -The Cash Flow Statement
  • Accountancy -Financial Reporting
  • Accountancy -Analysing Profitability
  • Accountancy -The Applications and Limitations of EBITDA
  • Accountancy -Credit Analysis
  • Accountancy -Equity Analysis
  • Accountancy -Ratio Analysis

*Advanced Financial Modeling Using Excel*

  • Accountancy -Planning
  • Accountancy -Building a Model Template
  • Accountancy -Projecting the Income Statement
  • Accountancy -Projecting the Balance Sheet
  • Accountancy -Projecting Cash Flows
  • Accountancy -Advanced Financial Modeling

*Managing Budgets*

  • Accountancy -The Fundamentals of Finance
  • Accountancy -The Basics
  • Accountancy -The Budgeting Process
  • Accountancy -Budgeting Tips & Tricks
  • Accountancy -Budget & Investment Opportunities
  • Accountancy -Directing the Peerless Data Corporation

Who is this course for?

Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle

Since this comprehensive Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle comprises courses with basic to advanced insights, anyone even with no prior knowledge can enrol as well. This Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle will yield a strong foundation for the newbies. Besides, the experienced ones who are looking for updated accountancy resources to hone up their ideas and skills can certainly take the course to boost their career opportunities and raise the bar of silver lining!
So, anyone from any academic background can take this Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle.


Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle

The Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle is open to anyone above 16 without any formal requirement. There are no specific requirements for enrolling in the Accountancy (Accountant Training) bundle. All you need is a passion for learning and a smart internet-enabled device to access our premium Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle. Don’t worry. Our expert tutors and student assistants will be there round the clock.

Enrol now in the Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle and start your learning journey.

Career path

Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle

This Accountancy (Accountant Training) Bundle could make all the difference in escalating your career graph in your desired career in

  • Accounting Technician (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £18,000 to £32,000)
  • Management Accountant (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £25,000 to £100,000)
  • Sales Manager (Average Annual Salary in the UK: £22,000 to £70,000)

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Adeshina asked:

Would I get verified certificates for all these courses?


Hello Adeshina, Thank you for your question. Yes, you will receive CPD accredited certificate for each course. Thanks.

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What is the coupon code for getting free transcripts?


Hi Anchal, Thank you for your question. No coupon code is needed to obtain the transcripts. You can claim your transcripts after completing the courses. Thanks.

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