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  • Company size 20–49 employees
  • Sector Sales

What we do

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Brand Management
We will manage your brand and its exposure because this is an integral part of developing your business to be the most recognised and valued on the market. Do you want to beat the competition?

Customer Acquisitions
This is all about building relationships with consumers. Want to acquire more customers? Then establish a rapport with them.

Direct Sales
Let’s go back to basics and use the traditional methods of selling and advertising to increase sales. Direct selling means getting personal with your customers on a one-to-one basis. Do you want to make more sales than your competitor?

Monitoring and Reporting
It is important to be able to measure sales performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We will report data directly back to the client. You know the numbers don’t lie!

Brand Loyalty
We all like to feel loved, why would your brand be any different? We work hard to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with your brand not only loves their experience but returns again and again.

Campaign Management
As professionals in our field, we will manage each and every step of the campaign from the initial consultation to the launch of a new product. Why not outsource to us today?

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What you'll get

  • Uncapped bonus's
  • In-house training
  • Flexible part time and full time
  • Social team day/nights
  • Travel opportunities
  • Progression opportunities
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