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  • Company size 20–49 employees
  • Sector Sales

What we do

As a sales and marketing company, we have a large portfolio of big brand-name clients and work with them closely to create personalised campaigns for them to best market their products and services.

Our goal is help them increase their brand exposure, reach and market share.

As our clients love what we do, we have established ourselves as the number 1 direct sales and marketing company in Liverpool, and are now rapidly expanding throughout the UK, and this year we will be expanding for the first time internationally.

Our specialised and tailored campaigns, along with our amazing team and unique working environment separate us from everybody else.


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What you'll get

  • Huge company ambition and vision allows for career progression for can
  • Exceptional training, support and mentoring which is always on-going
  • Hundreds of travel opportunities around the UK, Europe, South Africa,
  • R&R trips around the world and worldwide events for top-performing
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