Working at Modulus

  • Company size 5–9 employees
  • Sector IT & Telecoms
  • Location Wilmslow, United Kingdom

What we do

Modulus Recruitment understand that intelligent recruitment must focus on sourcing talent with the necessary attributes to provide value to a business.  We also understand the importance of helping talent identify the environment for them to excel in their IT career. 


Just as any talent sourcing should focus on adding value, so too should candidates focus on identifying the IT recruitment agency that adds value to their recruitment process.

Modulus Recruitment is just such a business. We take great care in ensuring the right candidate is matched with the right employer. This promotes the opportunity for long-term stability and continued prosperity for clients and candidates alike.


We employ a tailored approach to talent resourcing – matching candidates with the exact background to employers offering an attractive environment and role attributes. This approach has a dual benefit. Candidates find the right environment to excel in their career, whilst clients believe the talent recruited will help them to drive their business forward.

Working exclusively in the IT sector, our team takes an innovative approach to talent resourcing. We employ diligent and proactive recruitment strategies to search for, and attract talent – often presenting them with highly sought-after opportunities.

We value the relationships we have with our clients. Working closely with each, we listen, pinpoint and deliver on even the most exacting of IT resourcing requirements.

In addition, we offer a range of training products to upskill talent on the very latest software evolutions – enhancing their appeal to the most notable employers in the IT sector.

We cover all areas of the IT sector. From IT support, networking and software development to DevOps, InfoSec and project management. We can even help highly-experienced talent find the right senior management and executive appointment.

Our comprehensive talent resourcing includes both permanent and contract appointments.  We work across differing sector verticals in both the UK and abroad, which include, tech start-ups, fintech, IT solutions, managed services, and Cloud hosting.

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