Working at MJ Quinn LTD

  • Company size 1,000–2,499 employees
  • Sector IT & Telecoms
  • Location Knowsley, United Kingdom

What we do

At MJ Quinn we believe in creating great connections, with our customers, our people and our world. We trust in our team and have a workforce skilled to meet the needs of a 21st Century Communications Network.

Each day we enhance the UK’s home and business lives through our efficient and innovative turnkey solutions. MJ Quinn are unique in our offer of fully integrated end to end design, plan and build solutions. As part of the Visabeira Group, we are able to utilise considerable expertise acquired over 30 years working across Europe and Africa allowing customer goals to be achieved and future success to be realised.

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Who you'll work with

We believe in creating great connections, with our customers, our people and our world.

Maintaining a best in class performance as the UK’s number on Services Provider, connecting end to end solutions through our experience, resource and innovation.

MJ Quinn is built on 6 core values which demonstrate what we stand for and what we celebrate.
Our values form our corporate culture and guide us in how we conduct ourselves and our business
We believe through everyone at MJ Quinn sharing these ideals, collectively we will achieve our business goals. 

M.J. Quinn always endeavour to Act as One to deliver a quality service and quality product to every client.” Michael Quinn, Chief Executive Officer

People First
We work hard to remove any obstacles that prevent employees from doing a better job, we give them the tools and knowledge they need to excel.
We earn and offer respect and keep the promises we make.
We aim to continually improve by inspiring change and wanting to be the best we can be.
Working together to accomplish success - we understand that people are at the centre of everything we do.

We understand the importance of our relationships.
We aim to connect with our people and clients by being present and transparent.
We work as one team; supporting each other and achieving together.
We believe that a healthy focus on working together will bring a specific level of sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We believe in doing the right thing.
We work hard to be consistent in what we think, say and do.
Our actions fill our people and clients with confidence.
We focus on earning peoples trust by being honest and sincere.
Treating people with respect.
We keep our word and have built our solid reputation on delivering on our promises.

We deliver on our commitments
We make sure our people are reliable and are personally responsible.
We encourage and demand that our people take full responsibility for their actions.
We encourage individuals to communicate effectively and take the initiative.
We want our people to be role models and represent our values.

We always look for ways to improve.
We want to be better, faster and first.
We work hard to seek opportunities to improve our processes, products and results.
We aim to develop our people through learning and training. 
We recognise when change is needed and encourage people to think beyond the status quo and be creative.

We strive to excel in every aspect of our business.
We aim to exceed expectations by achieving ambitious goals.
We are determined to offer only the best, focusing on the needs of our people and our clients.
We work hard to set new industry standards by providing the best solutions and we take great pride in everything that we do!

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