• Company size 100–249 employees
  • Sector Other
  • Location Rochdale, United Kingdom

What we do

Millennium Translations Ltd (MTL) is a part of a group of companies which specialises in providing a variety of professional services in the UK and internationally.

Our main business is interpreting and translation services but we’re always looking at ways to diversify and grow our business. 

Established in 2001, with over 15 years’ experience, MTL one of the top ten providers of a 24-hour interpreting and translation service in the UK. We deliver a supported and sustainable, quality service to a mainly public sector client base, which includes NHS trusts (hospitals and clinics), NHS CCG (doctors’ surgeries and dentists), local councils, probation services, solicitors, police, courts, housing associations and many other private and public clients.

The services we provide are: face-to-face spoken interpreting, face-to-face spoken and non-spoken interpreting for deaf/deaf blind people, telephone interpreting, video interpreting and translation.

In the UK there are more than 1000 languages/dialects spoken. Currently, we receive approximately 25,000 interpreter requests a month and employ 100+ full-time staff and 20+ part-time staff.

MTL has a network of over 100,000 active linguists who provide freelance language services.

Our staff come from a range of cultural backgrounds, respect people from all walks of life, adhere to the Equality Act and do not discriminate for or against parties, either directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, our staff act impartially and professionally in all actions related to their role, are extremely hardworking and encourage a friendly yet professional working culture.

Based in Rochdale, Lancashire (Greater Manchester Region), we operate out of two locations: Empire House, College Road, Rochdale, OL12 6AE and 286 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, OL16 2DR.

We are committed to excellence and are determined to seize the opportunities that have been created through our hard work and industry developments. We provide an exciting and challenging environment in a fast-growing company with diverse national and global ambitions.

MTL understands its clients’ needs and also their service users’ needs, bridging language gaps between the two by assigning the best-qualified linguists for the job.

We know how important what we do is and people who work for us must recognise the value of that too.

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To provide outstanding services that bridge the language barrier while respecting and celebrating cultural diversity.

What you'll get

  • we promote internally as much as possible
  • informal dress code
  • Perkbox Membership
  • employee of the month awards
  • diverse workforce
  • work from home, flexible working hours
  • wide range of training courses available to all employees & e learning
  • 35 hour work week, employees get a day off on their birthday
  • Monthly outings

Who you'll work with

MTL wants to create a positive environment for all current staff and for when we have new recruits starting. All the rules set out in this document will allow us to achieve our future vision of a successful and happy work place.

By following these rules, we are able to improve productivity, retention rates, find amazing talent faster and ultimately become one of the fastest growing language service providers in the UK.

1) Looking after your environment
Looking after your “professional” working environment will ensure you continue to enjoy coming to your place of work. By respecting the space you work in and that of others, will ensure you and your colleagues remain happy and comfortable when in work. Also, refer to the tidy desk policy.

2) Respect your colleagues
The way in which you treat your fellow co-workers has a lot to do with the work environment created. If you respect your colleagues and treat them in a positive manor, they are likely to treat you the same, this encourages a good professional working culture.

3) Trust your team
Trusting the people you work with will have a lot to do with the type of work culture that is created. If you do not trust the decisions your colleagues make this will create a negative atmosphere and will cast an aura of uncertainty over the work being carried out.

4) Celebrate the wins
When good things happen to your colleagues these should always be celebrated by the team. This will encourage a good work culture when people are recognised for the good things they do. Birthdays, winning of new business and recognition for hard work are all good ways of celebrating the wins and boosting the atmosphere in work. If we have a positive work culture this often encourages people to go that extra mile, benefiting both employee and employer.

5) Be open and honest
Being open an honest about any aspects of work will promote a positive and effective work culture. Voicing opinions and putting ideas forward, or raising concerns about other proposed projects can prove very beneficial. If a person keeps their thoughts to themselves this can lead to a negative work culture, as the issues they are keeping to themselves can eat away at a person and fester causing a bigger problem in the long term. Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unlikely places, so it's important employees are able to express themselves.

6) Reward and Recognition

MTL values the contribution that employees make to the company and will recognise, reward such contributions

At MTL, we operate a working environment where we value the employees that work to achieve the companies, mission, vision and objectives. This is based on the following principles:

  • We understand that work culture really does matter.
  • Creating a compelling organizational culture that informs everything from decision-making and behaviour to employee and company identity – all the way from the CEO/Directors down to front line staff.
  • Developing a strong, coherent culture that can align resources behind a common vision that ensures sustainability of the company. 
  • As such, we have identified the following main beneficial / rewarding areas when we achieve a solid and positive work culture environment, which is effectively communicated to the employees.
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