Working at Kensington Mortgage Company

  • Company size 500–999 employees
  • Sector Financial Services
  • Location Maidenhead, United Kingdom

What we do

Kensington Mortgages – smarter mortgage solutions

We don’t put people into neat little boxes

Our 25 year heritage in specialist mortgages means that we understand better than most that no two people are the same. We design our mortgages with flexible lending criteria to serve the needs of high credit quality customers that the high street turns away, and target prime mortgage borrowers in growing market segments - people like the self-employed builder or kitchen table entrepreneur, the over 55s, contract workers, multiple income applicants or those who have a small blip on their credit file. And it is through our innovative use of data, combined with human expertise, that we are comfortable lending to a broader range of people than other lenders.

Data and analytics are embedded in our DNA

All Kensington mortgages are powered by VECTOR, our proprietary and hugely powerful analytical model that is embedded into all phases of the mortgage lifecycle.

VECTOR is supported by a unique dataset comprising over 400k mortgage accounts spanning all UK geographies, housing types, mortgage types and credit loan parameters for the last 20 years, and has driven the development of a number of in-house analytical tools and reporting capabilities that are key to the unique way in which we assess and manage mortgage credit risk.

Financial strength and scale

With assets under management of over £11 billion, Kensington is the largest non-bank specialist mortgage lender in the UK including servicing of c£5.5 billion assets for third parties. We originated c£1.2 billion of new mortgages in 2018 representing a CAGR of more than 25% over the last 4 years.

We are one of the largest issuers of RMBS in the UK having sponsored 15 securitisations totalling over £8 billion since 2015

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We are passionate people helping extra-ordinary people own homes when other lenders won't

Who you'll work with

Your Opportunity

Our employees are critical to our success. We work hard to ensure that Kensington Mortgages is a great place to work. We recognise the difference it makes to our business when people challenge themselves and take advantage of the development opportunities available so we try and support everyone however we can.

We also recognise the fact that people seek work – life balance and continuously develop our benefits offering to create an inclusive and supportive culture where differences that exist between us all are recognised, understood and valued.

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