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What we do

Gerrards of Swinton is an established Hauling company that provides reliable and professional services to firms of all sizes in the building trade. Founded in 1864 by Jonathan Gerrard, we have grown from a construction company responsible for major landmarks in Swinton such as Swinton Town Hall and Swinton Methodist Church to become one of the leading providers of haulage services in the construction industry. Our quality service guarantee is backed up by many years of experience in working with the biggest household names in the building trade such as Lafarge Tarmac, Breedon, Marshals, and Hope construction as well as many small to medium sized construction firms.

corse2As a way of giving back to our local community and as a means of helping ex forces heroes gain qualifications that will help them easily re-integrate back into civilian society, Gerrards of Swinton also offers free courses for ex army members.

Our director at Gerrards of Swinton, who is ex-forces himself, is the great-great grandson of our original founder which means we remain to be a family run firm that is committed to providing a first class service that our customers can truly depend on for all of their bulk load moving needs.

By minimising delays and ensuring reliability through working efficiently and maintaining a regularly updated fleet of vehicles that are always manned by trained and experienced drivers, we can help you to keep your project on time and, ultimately, within budget.

In addition, availing of our haulage services will also help you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint as our environmentally friendly vehicles meet Euro 6 emissions standards. Couple that with skilled drivers who are competently trained and have up-to-date health and safety training and driver Cpc, and you get a professional service that is unmatched locally and nationally. What’s more, our hauling service is Fors accredited and our aim is to be first for health and safety in the workplace at all times.

For building and construction haulage you can depend on for consistency and professionalism, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Gerrards of Swinton – we are always ready to be of assistance!