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Working at G K Mount Ltd

What we do

We are an educational consultancy specialising in connecting Chinese employers with native English speaking teachers.

Our staff are established teachers and have strong connections to our clients.

We provide an outstanding after care service with staff members on site to provide formal and informal advice and assisance to our candidates and will connect with you on your arrival to help you settle in Shenzhen.

We want to be there for you.

What you'll get

  • Holiday & travel2 months holiday in summer, 1 months holiday in Winter.
  • Learning & developmentContinued Professional Development
  • Work environment & equipmentTropical location and close to exotic holiday destinations

Who you'll work with

China (Shenzhen) International Personal Traincing Centre Ltd (CIPTC) is a leading employer of foreign teachers in Shenzhen. 

We supply teachers to Primary, Middle and High Schools throughout the City of Shenzhen and in a number of areas surrounding it. 

When you arrive you will be met by our Buddying team and taken to one of two hotels in Shenzhen's down town area. Our "Buddies" will help you to find local amenities and obtain Sim cards for your phone. 

You will undergo an intensive training course with the opportunity to see lessons delivered in person before after being placed in a school.

When you are placed in a school you will work with local teaching staff and our Native English speaking Mentor team to develop and deliver your lessons in English. All schools have computers and large screens and we recomend that your lessons are delivered from PowerPoint and use as many different media types as possible.

You'll have the chance to make a huge difference to the lives and futures of the children that you teach and the more effort and energy you put into the preperation and delivery of your classes the greater the difference you make (and the more rewarding the experience will be for you).

We and our clients are very proud of the work that we do in China and we hope that you will be highly successful here and take away life and career skills that will serve you well in the future.