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What we do

Do you ever stop to wonder where your Sunday morning soft-boiled egg came from? Or the milk in your cafè latte? Or what about the smoked sausage and bacon served with your kale? It will come as no surprise to you that the animals which produce these products need to eat themselves too. And that’s where ForFarmers comes into the equation.

ForFarmers produces feed for cattle, pigs and poultry in both conventional and organic livestock farming. And that probably sounds a great deal simpler than it actually is. Make no mistake: an awful lot of knowledge, research and innovation has gone into one of those seemingly simple-looking chunks. And these are the kind of things we, as a company, invest a great deal in.

Our vision
ForFarmers is a leading player in the European feed industry. We work in the animal protein market with its ever-changing sustainability requirements, legislation, and consumer preferences. At the same time, there's a growing global demand for animal protein leading to more production in other regions. This calls for innovative and sustainable feed and farm solutions.

Our mission
It also makes our mission For the Future of Farming more relevant than ever: working side-by-side with farmers to ensure their success in producing healthy food in a sustainable way. It is a statement of commitment, encompassing the whole industry. It refers confidently to the future and expresses our main goal: the continuity of farming.

Our strategy
For the Future of Farming we need to develop our knowledge and scale continuously. Next to our growth in home countries, we'll focus on acquisitions in key growth markets as well. It's why we'll focus on strengthening and growing our core business, and consider opportunities in selected growth markets. To do this we've created the following strategy: Build to Grow 2025.

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