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FirstCare is an absence management solution provider that helps private and public sector organisations increase productivity, streamline administration and support employees, whilst reducing costs. With over 10 years’ experience working in partnership with Human Resources professionals in the public and private sectors, our tailored service has seen our clients reduce their absence rate by an average of 29.3% and experience an average ROI of 546%. Our simple, effective service helps to improve an organisation’s productivity through the provision of a nurse-led 24/7 call centre, a secure software platform and real-time data and trend analysis reporting. As part of this reporting we maintain the UK’s largest database on absence. It covers 172,336 employees and has recorded more than 12 million days of absence and 400,000 GP Fit notes. Our absence management service works in a series of simple stages. Firstly, the employee rings our call centre and talks to a specialist FirstCare Absence Adviser, who records the details of the absence and provides immediate medical advice and guidance. Secondly, line managers are then notified of the absence, along with guidance on the best actions to take. Thirdly, when employees are ready to return to work, we provide monitoring of and reporting on manager compliance with the return-to-work (RTW) interview process, which supports employees during their transition back to work. Finally, our secure online absence management portal, myFirstCare, enables all key stakeholders to track absence trends. Our account management team also help our clients to identify strategies to tackle and reduce absence, and help finance teams to integrate absence management into their payroll system. For more information on FirstCare and the support we can offer, visit our website:

We live by our four FirstCare values; Teamwork, Trust, Innovation, and Flexibility.

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FirstCare has undoubtedly made its mark in the field of Absence Management and so has regularly featured in the news on the topic. Examples of some articles and other news can be found on our blog within our website.

We are the Leaders in Absence Management and we have grown to define our industry.

The Government uses our Statistics when reporting on the Top 5 absence reasons in the UK.

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