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What we do

Fastnet is an award-winning internet service provider from the heart of Brighton, dedicated solely to businesses.

We have been helping private and public sector organisations get connected, stay safe and grow online for more than 20 years. From the dawn of dial-up to today’s superfast fibre-optic connectivity we have evolved and invested to give our customers the fastest and most reliable internet services available, all backed by our outstanding customer service.

The people who make the internet work, for your people.

Who you'll work with

We are:

Relationship builders : We take the time to get to know a business before they become a customer. We continue to grow that relationship with a business once they beome a customer. 

Customer focussed : We create solutions which efficiently solve problems, but crucially we also make 'bigger picture’ recommendations.

Personal : We have award winning technical back up when you need it, on the phone, online and in person.

Forward thinking : We review our service and solutions with our customers to make sure they are ready for the growth and change ahead of them.