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Working at Escape Campus

What we do

Escape Campus takes an innovative approach to adult learning across and provides comprehensive learning opportunities to Adults of any age.

The business's primary focus is to provide language training to adults in a one to one, group or bespoke environment with enthusiastic and dynamic tutors.

The business is quickly growing and is planned to grow to around 100 by the end of 2019 with 2 sites in central London and an additional sites in Italy and madrid planned for early 2019.

Our focus is on retention of both clients, associates and colleagues as these are the components that keep our business strong and moving forward.

Hey there, let's HUSTLE!

Who you'll work with

The company is structures with a 'General Board' consisting of three executives that oversee the group and its business affairs. The GB also has HR sitting at the forefront of its growth to ensure equal distirbution of opportunities across the entire group.

We have successful teams across Facutly, Operations and Sales departments that are always looking to invite driven and empowered candidates to join them.