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"Engage aims to provide a recruitment experience that clients talk about. We want them to describe us as true partners - honest, reliable, efficient and professional. Partners who know their recruitment needs as well as they do.”

This is who we are

We’re fully accountable
There’s nothing we do that we wouldn’t happily tell our clients, our mothers, or a high court judge.

We’re proactive
We don’t wait for business to come to us; we go out and find it. We take the same approach to market and sector knowledge. Engage consultants don’t wait to read about a trend, they spot it in the market and own it.

We’re professional
We’re not interested in a mission statement that just hangs on the wall. Rather, we operate by a set of values so innate that they’re second nature. Qualities such as reliability, integrity and loyalty aren’t ideals we work towards - they’re basic behaviour we expect.

We’re ambitious
We’re the type of people who say yes to a challenge and figure out the how later. Yes to expansion, yes to a tough new client, yes to ferocious targets. Why would you enter a market and not want to lead it?

We care about the recruitment fee – but not above all else
We charge for our services, because our services are excellent. And we don’t believe that profit is a dirty word. If our consultants are motivated that’s good for everyone, client and company included. But people come first, full stop.

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