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What we do

I founded Emplovee because I wanted to offer a truly different recruitment service, one firmly rooted in a passion and commitment to matching candidates with a job they will ‘love’ and employee-centred businesses.

Our success is based on taking just that little extra time with both the candidates and potential employers, so that we fully understand the needs, characters and personalities of both parties. By doing this, we find a ‘perfect’ match, ensuring stability and longevity of placements.

We are proud of our retention rate and the reputation we have built, through customer and candidate satisfaction, as an agency that really cares about matchmaking the right candidate to the right role within the right company.

Based in the South East, we work throughout the UK and in all sectors. If you are a company currently seeking candidates that fit perfectly into your current teams and workforce, or a candidate looking for your next placement, and would be interested in hearing what makes us different from other recruitment agencies.

Recruitment for companies looking for their perfect match!